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"Once a bustling trade center, this ancient Nakhti village is now a quiet, windswept ruin."
Map description

DM-Whisper (whose full name is Whisper) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict .

Map description Edit

DM-Whisper is located inside a Nakhti ruin village. It has two outside areas, called the North Side and the South Side, which are seperated by a broken wall. There are some hallways in the exteriors and an underground passageway connecting both sides.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
Western Hallway, in the so called Super Health Room.
In the Lower Passage inside the Super Adrenaline Pit.
South Side, inside a giant tunnel in front of the lattice gate.
On the Sniper Platforms located in the North Side.

Walkthrough Edit

Ascension Rites Edit

"This is your first combat with multiple opponents, a three-way match also known as 'cut-throat'. This match comes with a twist: instagib, where each attack is an instant kill."
Mission description

Anubis started the Tournament with good feet, yet it isn't over. Hyena and Sapphire chat a bit.

Hyena: "I've heard when Anubis beat Darius, he..."

(Cut to Anubis, back to them)

Hyena: "...he ripped his arms off and ate them!"

(Cut to Anubis again)

Sapphire: "Then let's gang up on him."
Hyena: "No, no... the Liandri don't like cheating!"

(Hyena laughs nervously, cut again to Anubis)

Sapphire: "No, not unless is their idea."

Hyena laughs nervously. Then, they proceed to the arena.

Win this match to unlock Hyena as a bot and the InstaGib mutator.

Raiden's Ladder Edit

"Skaarj like Torgr are widely regarded throughout the galaxy as brutally savage fighters. Sapphire is better known for her line of designer clothing, but they're both worth evaluating."
Mission description

Raptor's Ladder Edit

"Nali Slaughter is the bloodiest addition to the tournament since instagib rifles were introduced. The Skaarj, Korig, has been given the best odds to win, but soon the bookies will know your full offensive capabilities."
Mission description

Win this match to unlock Korig as a bot.

Sapphire's Ladder Edit

"Instagib is the slang for instant gibs, where any opponent can be reduced to component parts with a single shot. It's the quickest way to make a mess of your opponents, but you refuse to pay the dry-cleaning bill."
Mission description

This match crossing with the respective match in the Ascension Rites makes Sapphire's ladder as canonical.

Win this match to unlock the InstaGib mutator.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • If you get trapped inside the Super Adrenaline Pit by another enemy, use Nimble to get out. You can also use wall jumps, but this is a bit tricky to do.
  • There are some stone beams at the ceiling of the Super Health Room you can get on with Nimble, if you want to surprise some enemies going for the Super Health.

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