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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

Map description[]

A large abandoned oil rig. It has the following named areas:

  • Oil Control: A small chamber only connected to the Control Station 4, it houses the Ripper and the Shield Belt.
  • Control Station 4: An U-shaped corridor housing the teleporter to the top of the Rig. Connected with the Outside area via a lift at one of the ends as well as a lift from the lower level, and to the Corridor at the other end, while a passage communicates it with the Oil Control area.
  • Corridor: Also called "Engineering Corridor". As its name implies, it's a corridor, intersected with a lift to the upper level leading onto the Outside. In the lower level, it leads to the Control Station 2.
  • Control Station 2: A small area housing the Minigun and acting like a hub of sorts. Connects the Corridor with the Storage.
  • Storage: Also called "Control Station 1". Another area of the map housing a weapon, this time the Rocket Launcher. It's connected with the Outside via a lift to the upper level as well as another coming from the floor level on the Outside.
  • Outside: The main fighting area, and like its name implies, it's huge. For description reasons, we're going to divide it in several unnamed sub-areas:
    • Big Crane: Located northeast of the mid level, houses a big diagonal crane. Both this area and the Boxes area are divided by the big tower.
    • Boxes: An area with several cargo boxes housing the eponymous control point.
    • Crane Lift: Located southwest in the mid level, it contains the crane lift to the upper level as well as the "Crane" control point.
    • Helipad Area: Located southeast in the mid level, contains the eponymous pad in the upper level, as well as the "Helipad" control point.
    • Lower Level Station 1: Located northwest, the leg with the lift leading onto Storage.
    • Lower Level Station 2: Located northeast, one of the legs without a lift to the upper level. It houses the Minigun.
    • Lower Level Station 3: Located southeast, the leg with the lift leading onto the Control Station 4.
    • Lower Level Station 4: Located southwest, the leg with the cargo lift to the upper level.
    • Control Station 4 Rooftop: Located at the upper level, southwest.
    • Docking Area Tower: Located at the upper level, southeast.
    • Bridge Area Tower: Located at the upper level, north, behind the tower.
    • Helipad: The Helipad proper, located at the upper level, southeast, above the namesake area.
    • Top Tower: The top of the big tower from which the Sniper Rifle, Redeemer and Invisibility can be found.

Domination points[]

  • Crane: Located at the Crane Lift area.
  • Helipad: Located at the Helipad Area.
  • Boxes: Located at the Boxes area.

Weapons and pickups[]


Weapon Count Location
W: 1
Weapon: Crane Lift area, at the entrance from the corridors.
Ammo: Near the weapon.
W: 1
Weapon: Corridor area, in a small chamber in front of the entrance to Control Station 4.
Ammo: Near the weapon.
W: 1
Weapon: Lower Level Station 4.
W: 1
Weapon: Oil Control area, atop of a tube.
Ammo: Near the weapon.
W: 3
Weapon: 1x Lower Level Station 2. 1x Control Station 2. 1x Corridor between Big Crane and Helipad.
W: 1
Weapon: Control Station 4, in a platform near the area letter.
Ammo: 2x Near the weapon. 1x Boxes area, atop of the highest crate. 2x Helipad Area, atop of a crate.
W: 2
Weapon: 1x Storage area. 1x Helipad Area.
Ammo: 2x Near the Storage area weapon. 2x Boxes area, atop of the highest crate.
W: 1
Weapon: Top Tower.
Ammo: Near the weapon.
W: 1
Weapon: Top Tower.


Pickup Count Location
1x Oil Control area, lower level. 2x Helipad Area, near the corridor from Big Crane. 2x Big Crane area, near the corridor from Helipad Area.
Crane Lift area, atop of the crane.
Upper level corridor between Big Crane and Helipad.
1x Oil Control area, atop of a tube. 1x Helipad Area, atop of a crate.
Helipad, upper level.
Top Tower.
1x Upper level corridor between Big Crane and Helipad. 1x Control Station 4, at the turn.


"This oil rig has been converted into a Domination Arena. It is located near strange meteorological phenomenon in the northern reaches of Kryllia. Use the architecture to dominate your opponents."
Mission description

Winning this match nets you the Domination Championship.

Tips and tricks[]

  • This map is quite large. Many elevators lead from the inner base to outside and to the acid below. Control points are close to each other. Players must take extreme care in order to escape from splash damage and to avoid falling into the rig slime down below.
  • Avoid falling into the water, as it deals minor damage each second to anyone swimming in it.
  • Most of the best weapons are located in the interior of the rig, though you'll find plenty of ammunition and even some decent weapons outside. Don't hang around the interior of the rig too much; all the control points are positioned outside, and you must assist on offense and defense as soon as possible. With the close proximity of all the points, you can expect each to change hands quickly.[1]
  • Use the red teleporter positioned near the signs marked 4 to reach the top of the sniper tower. From this relatively safe position, you can eliminate the defenders at all three control points and even use the redeemer to clear out several enemies at once.[1]
  • The easiest two control points to maintain are the helipad and crane. A shield belt and rocket launcher positioned near the helipad give you plenty of firepower and armor; further, you can see the situation at the crane control point while standing on the helipad. As for the crane, the health keg can keep the defenders healthy, and you're only a hop, skip, and a jump from the other two control points.[1]
  • Don't bother heading down to the bottom of the rig. You'll only find a few weapons there, like the pulse gun and the minigun, and the water below is toxic to your skin. Instead, stay in the rig interior to gain firepower and head to the exterior as soon as possible to grab and maintain control points.[1]


  • The retail version features Blood Reavers as the rival team.
  • This map started life as an Assault map, but because maps for this gametype were hard to do without coordination between the level designers and Steven Polge (the AI programmer) Inoxx was asked to turn it into a Domination map, instead. As an Assault map, the attacking team started at the ship at the bottom of the ocean, then they had to take control of the oil rig.
  • Another "what could have been" bit comes from Inoxx wanting the map to be in a daylight setting, but having problems for that due to the Skybox parallax effect.
  • This map was inspired by the movie Armageddon.
  • There's a hidden level entry text: "Welcome to MetalDream"
  • According to localization files, the map would have taken place originally in Alaska. This was changed during the latest phases of development.

Location bugs[]

  • The zones "Corridor" and "Storage" aren't named in the map, and the zone "Outside" has a typo. These errors were fixed in OldUnreal's v469 patch, but for previous versions, these errors can be fixed by creating a file called "DOM-MetalDream.int" in the System folder with the following content:

ZoneName="Engineering Corridor"

ZoneName="Control Station 1"

Author's Notes[]

"I decided to do an Oil Rig after Armageddon. I thought the movie was total crap but it wasn't a total loss of 2 hours and $20 since some graphical elements were really interesting. Now doing an Oil Rig is extremely difficult since it's structure it's extremely complex with a lot of pipes, pillars, substructures, grids, machines and all.

Since I had to keep the "200 polygons in view" limitation of Unreal Tournament, I did some sketches on paper to find an optimum layout. I used a lot of coronas to contrast from the black background and give more depth to the Rig. Keeping the polygon count low was the hardest part. The original Level was supposed to be an Assault but Cliff and I agreed to convert it to Domination since Assault levels are difficult to do and require a very good coordination between the Level Designer and Steve Polge (the AI programmer). Since I was still in France at this time it wasn't really possible to do a good Assault level in these conditions. The initial Level had a crashed Spaceship under the water where the attackers appeared, they had to grab weapons and scuba and swim to the pillars of the Rig, they had then several possibilities to attack the Rig: Pillar 1, Pillar 3, the Crane or the Oil Tube. These were 4 ways to reach the higher level and deactivate the computers of each pillar. I asked Dave to make some sound effects (Lift 1 activated, Lift 3 activated, Crane activated) to give defenders info about which pillar to defend. I also had a cool holographic display but I had to remove all this.

I wanted to make this Level in a "Day setting" but that was to hard to accomplish due to the Skybox parallax effect. The transition between the World and the skybox is very tricky in this case because the water is completely flat and stop straight and you would see the lines between the water and the sky. An easy solution would be to encapsulate the Level in a cylinder but it would take too many polygons for this already "polygon-intensive" Rig. The other solution is to make the world as big as possible so I made it 64000 unit wide, the maximum size of an Unreal Tournament World but the parallax effect was still noticeable at the top of the Rig Tower. So I had to make it at night, then the line between the SkyBox and the World geometry is the exact same color (black!), so the parallax is not visible. Now that was working but the sky was boring so I added this cool "aurore boreale" effect.

I'm not a fan of Hard-Rock but I think the brutal music I choosed is adequate for this 'Heavy-Metal' Level."
Inoxx's website[2]
"(...) The original design was for an Assault map. A spaceship was crashed under the station and the attack team had to take control of the oil rig."
Inoxx's website[3]


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