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"Despite worldwide protests, this historical landmark is now owned by Liandri. Jerl Liandri, President of Liandri Mining Corporation: "We owe it to the people to ensure quality cultural events. We won't settle for less.""
- Map description

DOM-Sesmar (whose full name is Tomb of Sesmar) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament.

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Domination points Edit

  • Hall Of Pillars:
  • Red Ankh:
  • Blue Ankh:

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • This map is well-suited for those who play defensively. Superior teamplay can secure the match tightly in your favor.
  • The two "Ankh" control points are easier to defend than the central Hall of Pillars, which can be attacked from all sides (including the top). Use the Keg o' Health walkway on the top of the map to quickly move from one Ankh to the other, and use the slats above each control point to rain down rockets upon their unsuspecting defenders. You can also use the side rooms next to the Ankh control points to ambush opponents who think they are taking an undefended point; health vials in these rooms will make your job even easier.
  • Utilizing the rest of the map generally isn't worth it, as dropping down to get the Hall of Pillars means wasting valuable time walking back up the corridors to the main level of the map— that is, if you don't get killed in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the level, Sesmar, is Ramses spelled backwards.
  • The retail version features Black Legion as the rival team.

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