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Dan Gardopeé is a musician who worked at Straylight Productions.

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Daniel Gardopée aka Dan Grandpre (aka Basehead in the tracker community) is an electronic musician and former member of game music production company Straylight Productions, which he founded alongside Andrew Sega back in 1994[1]. He was active in the tracking community during the 1990s and was a member of the groups Five Musicians and Kosmic Free Music Foundation. Afterwards, he went to Tapeworks.[2][3]

As part of Straylight Productions, his music was featured in many games, including Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Crusader: No Remorse, Crusader: No Regret, and Deus Ex.

Gardopée co-composed three CD albums, AtmosphereS: Cultures, AtmosphereS: Moods and AtmosphereS: Pulses, together with Alexander Brandon.[1][4]

In 2001, he had a single track release under the Basehead alias. This release was titled Beacon and was released by the netlabel Monotonik Records.[5]

Since 2005, Gardopée has worked in-house at 2K Games.[6] He also writes reviews for Pitchfork Media.[7]

Works Edit

Title & Author(s) Duration Used in
"Moros (Dark Presence)by Dan Gardopée
05:48 Unreal Beta
"Erosionby Dan Gardopée
06:48 Mothership Lab, Mothership Core, Skaarj Generator, The Darkening
"Unreal Add-on (Enigma)by Dan Gardopée
03:24 DOM-Cryptic
"Unreal Add-on (Seeker)" by Dan Gardopée
03:26 CTF-Command, CTF-November
"Unreal Add-on (Seeker2)by Dan Gardopée
03:25 CTF-Noxion16

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