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"I'm Danny Miller, level one technician. I hope you're here to rescue me, 'cause there's no way I'm getting out on my own. Everyone I see on the security cameras is dead."
Miller to Dalton

Danny Miller was a character in Unreal II: The Awakening.

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He was an operator of the Liandri power plant, which operated the heavy rock crushing equipment. He eventually stumbled upon one of the Artifacts, so he kept it until he received rescue. Said rescue came eventually in the form of John Dalton, who cleared the way out of Skaarj and Izarians invaders... almost. Just when Dalton was finishing his job, Miller went out artifact in hand, and an Izarian threatened his life near the powerplant's center. An armored Skaarj appeared, though, and threw him to the bottom of the generator, killing him in the process.

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Miller: "Mayday! Mayday! This is the Liandri Station Lima Six on Sanctuary. We're in trouble down here. The facility has been overrun by hostile aliens. We don't know what the hell they are or where they came from. Multiple casualties. Please assist!"
TCA Atlantis, preface to the Sanctuary mission.
Miller: "...get this thing working. Hey wait, I'm broadcasting! Sir! Up here! The camera! I'm watching you on the security network."
Dalton: "Is the system two-way? Can you hear me?"
Miller: "Don't bother talking back. The system's only one-way. I won't hear you."
Dalton: "Glad we cleared this up."
Miller: "Boy am I glad to see you. TCA, wow! I wasn't sure anyone got my distress call. I'm Danny Miller, level one technician. I hope you're here to rescue me, 'cause there's no way I'm getting out on my own. Everyone I see on the security cameras is dead. I'm barricaded in a security office over in the generator building. You'll have to go through the collection plant to get here, though. Hmmm... The main route is blocked. Hold on, I'll open the hatches to the runoff basin. It's a short swim. There's a camera on the other side, so I'll see you when you come up."
John Dalton meets Miller.
Miller: "Get away from the camera, you space monkey freaks! Leave it alone! I don't know what these things are, but I hate 'em."
Miller: "Miller here. You're a mess! (laughs) And blue is definitely not your colour! These creatures showed up right after we pulled this alien... thing up from the mine. It's really old, like a relic or something. Broke a drill bit on it, too. I've got it here with me."
Part 1 of the mission.
Miller: "Good news, sir! I don't see any of those creatures around. I think you've got an easy ride from here on in."
Miller: "Whew! I thought I'd lost you. Next up is the drainage room. It's chock-full of those creatures, but there's no other way. Good luck."
Miller: "Oh right, the security door! Hold on, I'll open it up. There we go."
Miller: "I'm real worried about the next stretch. None of the cameras work, so I can't see if anything's in there. Be careful, OK?"
Miller: "So...? Nothing happened, right? That's a relief. Guess I was worried for nothing."
Part 2 of the mission.
Miller: "The exit is up ahead. I can't track you outside, but I'll pick you up again when you get close to the generator building. See you soon, sir."
Miller: "You made it! Woohoo! I'm right around the corner. Be right out!"
Dalton: "No! It's not safe. I haven't cleared the area yet! Damn kid's going to get himself killed."

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