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If you're looking for the Unreal Tournament 3 map, you might want to check DM-DarkMatch.

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DarkMatch is a gametype in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

Overview Edit

DarkMatch is an alternate version of the Deathmatch found in Unreal. The idea that makes DarkMatch unique is its maps, as they are all in darkness. The players are all equipped with SearchLights, to give players limited sight.

Scoring Edit

The scoring rules are the same as in Deathmatch.

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Darkmatch maps for Unreal

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  • The mode was considered for Unreal Tournament but was cut. However it's still possible to access it, but you need to modify the localization files, and then drop a map compatible with the mode (it must start with the prefix TDK-. For example, TDK-NightOp).

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