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"No allies. No rules. It's every man, woman, and mutant alien freak for themselves. The player with the most frags wins."
Unreal Championship in-game pre-match screen

Deathmatch is a gametype found in all games in the Unreal series.

Overview Edit

The objective in Deathmatch is to reach the score limit by getting "frags". A player can earn these frags by killing an enemy player. One frag will be awarded for a kill. If a player kills him/herself, the player will lose a frag. The first person to reach the score limit wins.

There's a team-based variation, Team Deathmatch, and a one-on-one variant, Duel.

Appearances Edit

Unreal Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal
Fusion Mappack: DM-CybrosisDM-LettingDM-LoxiDM-MojoDM-ShrapnelDM-Twilight
Division Mappack: DmBayCDmCreekDmDespairDmEclipseDmKrazyDmLockeDmMorbfanzaDmScruularDmSplashDmVilla

Unreal Tournament Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament
DM-BarricadeDM-CodexDM-ConveyorDM-CurseIIDM-Deck16IIDM-FetidDM-FractalDM-GothicDM-GrinderDM-HyperBlastDM-KGalleonDM-LiandriDM-MorbiasIIDM-MorpheusDM-OblivionDM-PeakDM-PhobosDM-PressureDM-PyramidDM-StalwartDM-StalwartXLDM-Tempest (UT map)DM-Turbine (UT map)DM-TutorialDM-Zeto
Epic Bonus Pack maps: DM-AgonyDM-ArcaneTempleDM-CybrosisIIDM-HealPodIIDM-MalevolenceDM-MojoIIDM-ShrapnelII
Inoxx Pack maps: DM-CraneDM-SpaceNoxx
Bonus Pack 4 maps: DM-BishopDM-CloserDM-Grit-TOURNEYDM-Viridian-TOURNEY
Chaos UT maps:
Beta 4 Mappack: DM-CUTA BridgeDM-CUTA CerebroDM-CUTA ChaosArenaDM-CUTA PillarDM-CUT DM4DM-CUT JailHouse
GOTY Mappack: DM-CUT EclipseDM-CUT ProxykingDM-CUT SkullMoonDM-CUT StorageAlphaDM-CUT TheBellTollsDM-CUT WeaponsOfChaosDM-CUT WeaponsOfWar
Console exclusives: DM-BabylonDM-BlockPartyDM-BrickyardDM-CanyonFearDM-ColdSteelPressureDM-CoreDM-DamnationDM-DepotDM-DustDM-FluxDM-GearboxDM-GirderDM-GoogleDM-HalberdDM-IndustrialDM-InfernalDM-InstinctDM-LoathingDM-MegaplexDM-NebulaDM-NeoTokyoDM-OutskirtsDM-PaladinDM-PantheonDM-Sector9DM-SingularityDM-SorayamaDM-StationControlDM-Underlord

Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali

Unreal Championship Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Championship
DM-Antalus (UC map)DM-Aqua MortisDM-Asbestos (UC map)DM-Compressed (UC map)DM-Curse3 (UC map)DM-Flux2 (UC map)DM-Gael (UC map)DM-Inferno (UC map)DM-Insidious (UC map)DM-LeviathanBDM-Molten (UC map)DM-Osiris2DM-SG1DM-SG2DM-SG3DM-Vidona

Unreal Tournament 2003 Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 2003
DM-1on1-CrashDM-1on1-MixerDM-1on1-SerpentineDM-Antalus (UT200X map)DM-Asbestos (UT200X map)DM-Compressed (UT200X map)DM-Curse3 (UT2003 map)DM-DE-GrendelKeepDM-DE-IronicDM-DE-Osiris2DM-Flux2 (UT200X map)DM-Gael (UT200X map)DM-IcetombDM-Inferno (UT200X map)DM-InjectorDM-Insidious (UT200X map)DM-IronDeityDM-LeviathanDM-OceanicDM-Phobos2DM-PlungeDM-RustatoriumDM-TokaraForestDM-TrainingDay

Unreal Tournament 2004 Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 2004
DM-1on1-AlbatrossDM-1on1-CrashDM-1on1-DesolationDM-1on1-IdomaDM-1on1-IrondustDM-1on1-MixerDM-1on1-RoughineryDM-1on1-SerpentineDM-1on1-SpiritDM-1on1-SquaderDM-1on1-TriteDM-Antalus (UT200X map)DM-Asbestos (UT200X map)DM-BP2-CalandrasDM-BP2-GoopGodDM-Compressed (UT200X map)DM-CorrugationDM-Curse4DM-DE-GrendelKeepDM-DE-IronicDM-DE-Osiris2DM-Deck17DM-DesertIsleDM-Flux2 (UT200X map)DM-ForbiddenDM-Gael (UT200X map)DM-GestaltDM-GoliathDM-HyperBlast2DM-IcetombDM-Inferno (UT200X map)DM-InjectorDM-Insidious (UT200X map)DM-IronDeityDM-JunkyardDM-LeviathanDM-MetallurgyDM-Morpheus3DM-OceanicDM-Phobos2DM-PlungeDM-RankinDM-RrajigarDM-RustatoriumDM-SulphurDM-TokaraForestDM-TrainingDay

Configurable options Edit

Item Type Default Description
Number of BotsInteger3-
Bots Balance TeamsBooleanYes-
Bot ModeListUse Map DefaultsOptions: Specify Number/Use Map Defaults/Use Bot Roster.
Bot SkillListAverageOptions: Novice/Average/Experienced/Skilled/Adept/Masterful/Inhuman/Godlike
Delay at End of GameFloat-
Goal ScoreInteger-
Spawn Protection TimeFloat-
Time LimitInteger-
Use Team SkinsBoolean-
Weapons StayBoolean-
Allow TauntsBoolean-
Weapons Shake ViewBoolean-
Allow TranslocatorBoolean-
Allow Weapon ThrowingBoolean-

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict
DM-AcidRainDM-ApexDM-AscensionDM-AxonCompressorDM-AzureDM-ColdFusionDM-DeadboltDM-DecayDM-DeepCoreDM-EternalDM-EvilHandsDM-FuryDM-HorizonDM-LegacyDM-MeridianDM-Morbias3DM-Nexus (UC2 map)DM-PhoenixDM-PraxisDM-RemnantDM-SeverDM-SolarFlareDM-SovereignDM-Tempest (UC2 map)DM-UndertowDM-Whisper

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 3
DM-ArsenalDM-BiohazardDM-CarbonFireDM-DarkMatchDM-DeckDM-DefianceDM-DeimosDM-DieselDM-EdenIncDM-FearlessDM-GatewayDM-HeatRayDM-KBargeDM-MorbiasDM-OceanRelicDM-RisingSunDM-SanctuaryDM-SentinelDM-ShangriLaDM-Turbine (UT3 map)

Unreal Tournament 4 Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 4

Tips and tricks Edit

CliffyB's notes (UT) Edit

"If you're running a UT competition I'd strongly suggest using these settings:

Official Epic Games Tourney Settings

One on One
Weapons Stay- OFF
Game Speed- DEFAULT
NO BOTS (duh)
Game Setting- HARDCORE
Frag Limit- 20
Time Limit- 10

Suggested 1 on 1 Maps (my personal opinion)
Malevolence (to be released in upcoming free Bonus Pack)"
Cliff Bleszinski[1]
"1. "Just because you make a spaceship or a boat doesn't mean it plays well!"

You seem more Old School. I'd suggest playing the following maps then:


These are maps that were made just for the gameplay, the architecture is dictated by the gameplay. These maps are more traditional, mazey DM.

2. "These maps are bland! I don't want a cramped mazey bland area; been there done that! Show me something new!"

I'd suggest playing the following maps then:


The Unreal Engine handles interior and exterior spaces extremely well and maps like Peak and Hyperblast really take advantage of this. These maps are original, you get to frag in really exquisite environments. Sure, they may not be the ones you play in a tourney, but they sure have that "wow" factor."
Cliff Bleszinski[2]
"Many server admins think that just because a map shipped with the game that it is ok for dozens of players to play at once.

Deathmatch maps like "Fractal," "Oblivion," and "Stalwart" are TINY and are meant for one on one, no more. When you run a server with a 32 player limit and add these maps to your cycle list you're just ruining the play experience for those who are trying to find a good local server.

So, please, don't cycle these maps unless you're keeping your max players very low."
Cliff Bleszinski[3]


  • Some maps in Unreal Tournament 3 have vehicles.
  • According to UT, Deathmatch was legalized in 2291.
  • While Deathmatch exists as a gametype in Unreal II, it is not regularly accessible within the game. One must use mods to access a menu for the gametype.

Manual descriptions Edit

"Kill as many competitors as possible and try to avoid being killed by them. The player who reaches the frag limit first (or has the most frags when the time limit is reached) is the winner. Winners advance to the next arena in the ladder."
UT manual
"Deathmatch is an every-man-for-themselves sport in which you use weapons and pickups found throughout each match to kill the other players. Every time you kill another player, your score goes up one point. The first player to reach a predetermined score wins the match."
UC manual
"Players are pitted against each other in a balls-to-the-wall free-for-all. Anything goes. The one with the most kills wins."
UT2004 manual
"Kill or be killed. Score more kills than your opponents to win."
UC2 manual
"Free-for-all deathmatch action."
UT3 manual


External links and references Edit

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