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The Desert Legion is a faction from Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

Overview Edit

The Legion is a military group composed of elite Nakhti soldiers. Their main task is to defend the barren and desolate regions of the Nakhti Homeworld.

They also have a base in the Nakhti barren lands, where Anubis and Sobek were stationed at, called Nakhti Imperial Legion Outpost 21A.

Their amour is very similar to Merc Anubis: an armor set decked in gold and white.

Involvement in the games Edit

  • Anubis integrated the legion, prior to becoming Nakhti emperor, after winning the Ascension Rites.
  • Sobek also integrated the legion, and fought alongside Anubis during the Ascension Rites. It's unknown his status in either the Legion or his friendship with Anubis.

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