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The Devilfish is an enemy in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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The Devilfish is small, aggressive fish. Its thin, long body with its dark-gray skin somewhat resembles a plant or a branch. It always swims with its mouth open, and is always on the hunt for prey. Devilfish can be found in most lakes and rivers on Na Pali.

A devilfish does not use any tactics when approaching its prey. It will rush towards the prey, ignoring everything else in its surroundings, until it gets close enough to bite or rip the prey. Its attacks don't deal a great amount of damage though. Their swift movement (and direct approach) underwater and their numbers (devilfish usually live in groups) are what make them dangerous.

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • For killing devilfish, any weapon is sufficient.
  • When low on health, killing the fish from off-shore will prove to be a safe, but more time- and ammo-consuming method.
  • If a devilfish manages to get out of the water, it will start jerking, trying to get back into the water. If it doesn't succeed in reaching water within a few minutes, it will die. Note that, even when they're out of the water, devilfish can still bite anything that comes near. They also can attack and kill anything else that jumps in the water after Prisoner 849.

Trivia Edit

  • A special note should be made about the Devilfish in the water in Bluff Eversmoking. The 15 devilfish there are, for some reason, much healthier than devilfish found in other areas of Na Pali. Instead of the regular 70hp, devilfish in Bluff Eversmoking have 150hp, making them more than twice as strong.
  • They may be poisonous for humans to eat, as a journal near the corpse of a holed-up crash survivor in Noork's Elbow notes that they "taste kinda funny" and several dead Devilfish are scattered in the vicinity.

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