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If you're looking for the UT2003/2004 gametype, you might want to check Double Domination.

The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

"Each team must locate and capture certain points in a Domination map. The more locations a team controls, the faster their score increases."
Gametype description

Domination is a team-based gametype found in Unreal Tournament.


In this gametype, up to four teams duke it out for scoring the most amount of points by taking control of special Control Points spread among the maps. These points are marked with an X, if no team is taking it, or with a team's color and logotype, if said team is in control of it.

To take control of a location, players must touch it's control point. When they do that, said point's shape and color changes to reflect their team's symbol and color.


Domination enhances the basic teamplay HUD by adding control point status indicators to the left side of your screen. Each indicator shows the name and current status of a control point. Every control point in a domination map has a unique name. A grey X symbol of a control point indicates that no team is in control of that location.


For each control point taken, the team scores 1 point every 5 seconds. The more locations a team controls the faster their score increases.

If a team controls no checkpoints, no points will be given.

The winning team is the one with the most amount of points at the end of the time, or the first team which reaches the score limit.


Domination maps for Unreal Tournament
Bonus Pack 4 maps: 
Console maps: 

Tips and tricks[]

  • A fully armed player can camp around a control point, to prevent it from being accessed by the enemy players.
  • Mastering the Translocator can help the player to reach the control points and other hard to reach areas in a much more efficient manner.
  • The more control points a team secure at a time, the faster the team score climbs.


  • In Unreal Tournament it's possible to create four-team matches from the Practice Session menu.
  • It is common for bots to "camp" by a checkpoint.
  • The mode itself hasn't appeared since this game in the series, however, it has several spiritual successors, namely Double Domination and, to an extent, Onslaught/Warfare. It has, however, appeared in other games such as OpenArena and Quake Live.

Author's notes[]

"We wanted to add several new game types that were fun, simple to understand and play, yet required significantly different strategies and play styles- and had strategic depth (people would continue to find better strategies and ways of playing these games). The other key element was that they had to be games that the AI could be programmed to really understand well (...). I originally proposed these new gametypes, since I was writing the AI and knew what could reasonably be done. In team deathmatch games, control of certain key areas (which were of strategic value or had important weapons and powerups) was already an important part of strategy. Domination simply extended this by explicitly defining the key areas. (...) After I prototyped these games, they evolved substantially as everyone on the team gave feedback on how they should work. The fact that we had these game types working for over a year really allowed us to polish the rules and gameplay. We made major changes to the rules of both games, and constantly tweaked to the HUDs and scoreboards for these games."
Steve Polge[1]

Preview notes[]

"This is a territorial game, with two teams of troopers trying to hold on and protect several key locales on the map called "Control Points". By standing on a control point for a set number of seconds, the player scores points for his or her team. The game goes until the point limit is hit."
IGN, UT[2]


External links and references[]

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