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"Drakk Droids are the worker bees of the Drakk homeworld. They don't pose a direct threat to you, and have no offensive weaponry whatsoever. Most of the time, they lie dormant inside their translucent chambers, but even when they're out and about, they don't hurt you. Drakk Droids activate when an injured Medium Drakk is lying nearby. As soon as the injured Drakk is detected, the Droid scuttles out and repairs it. In a matter of seconds, the Medium Drakk is as good as new."
- Unreal II Prima Official Strategy Guide

The Drakk Droid is a passive creature from Unreal II: The Awakening.

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The Droid could be compared as worker bees in the insectoid-like Drakk. As the Drakk as machines needed repairs, they invented the Droids in order to fix broken Drakk. The Droids are well-protected as the Drakk can't let all of the repair droids be destroyed. If that happens, though, the Droids are regenerated by their own pods. Though weaponless and the weakest, they are able to repair any damaged Drakk if they haven't self destructed. They idly lie dormant in translucent chambers.

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"As long as you make sure the Medium Drakk you encounter are dead before you move on, Drakk Droids aren't an issue. If you do happen to leave an injured Medium Drakk behind and you see a Droid heading toward it, blast the Droid immediately (they're easy to kill), then finish off the Medium Drakk."
- Unreal II Prima Official Strategy Guide

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