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Duk'Choroth of the 12th House of dUBREVI was either a Skaarj or a Krall high-ranking officer who appearently had a certain degree of authority over the Skaarj operations in the area of Bluff Eversmoking.

Bio Edit

Jailer Hrang of the Red Hand tribe stationed in Bluff Eversmoking monastery feared that the captain would punish because the human prisoner - Kira Argmanov had escaped.

He was the one who put magnetic seals in place in order to prevent access to the bell tower below the monastery.

Physical appearance Edit

  • The character was not identified and was mentioned in-game only twice.

Quotes Edit

None to speak of.

Trivia Edit

  • His name in the translator was capitalized and reads as follows: CAPTAIN DUK'CHOROTH–OF THE 12th HOUSE OF dUBREVI

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