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Earth is the home world of the human race.

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It is the third planet (of eight) from the Sun, the star at the center of the Solar System. Earth has one moon, simply called "the Moon".

The Liandri Grand Tournament originated on this planet, and most corporations featured in the Unreal series originally come from Earth. Because of this, many Tournament matches are fought on Earth, and some on other celestial objects in the Solar System.

Humans colonized many other planets, but Earth remained the central and most important one. It is governed by the New Earth Government, or NEG, which was co-formed with the United Aligned Worlds, or UAW, during the Human-Skaarj War. During this time, the Skaarj attacked Earth directly with one of their mother ships, an event known as the 7 Day Siege. The mother ship was destroyed and the Skaarj were forced to retreat, ending the war.

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  • Earth is mentioned or referred to in almost every Unreal game, but has only directly appeared in the original Unreal Tournament.

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