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This is a list of easter eggs found across the maps in the Unreal series. For the purposes of the article, we define an easter egg as "an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of a work".

Unreal Edit

  • The manual's credits section reads "In memory of Myscha and Pelit". Two tombs in the Bluff Eversmoking level also read "Myscha Nov 28th 1994-June 1997" and "Pelit Jan 20 1997-July 17 1997". Both of them reference Elliot 'Myscha' Cannon's mascots Myscha and Pelit, who died during the development of the game.
  • Pancho Eekels inserted a lot of references to himself, friends and family in NyLeve's Falls:
    • The level is named after his wife Evelyn, who also contributed with some texture work on the Unreal Engine 2 games.
    • The serial number of the ship is NC114-85EKLS.
    • The dead people in the level are named after his friends.
  • In the Dark Arena level, make your way to the top of the building, and drop a grenade on the hole in the main entrance. A big board with the inscription "175 Columbia Street" will appear.
  • In the Serpent Canyon level, at the canoe room, there are two torches. Shoot them with any weapon and enter the canoe. In the darker corner, at the left, a billboard of "Pirates of Nali Land" will be displayed.
  • The Deathmatch level DmAriza has the shape of the Quake logo.

Hidden Level Entry Texts Edit

  • DM-Cybrosis: "Now entering Cybrosis Central"
  • DM-Letting: "Entering the Blood Letting"
  • DmCreek: "This doesn't really work, but Tim left it in the game anyways."
  • DmRadikus: "Let's get it ON!!!!!"
  • DmVilla: "The Villa Docks"

Translator messages Edit

  • At the beginning of the level Rrajigar Mine, you can use the Fly cheat to go above the entrance to the elevator area and find a message:
Universal Translator
"What the hell are you doing up here?"
  • Also from Rrajigar Mine, swimming in the lava from either the corridor from the first elevator or the broken ledge area nets you another message:
Universal Translator
"You are SO dead."
  • Use the fly cheat code on the transport cart that goes to the upper level in the Depths of Rrajigar level and fly oppose to the ledge for the following message:
Universal Translator
"Canada is really cold. I like Dos Equis beer. My cats are fuzzy."
  • Also in Depths of Rrajigar, save your game, and use the god or summon asbestossuit cheats in order to take a swim in the molten metal lake below the bridge in the triggerable bridge area. Approach the exit to the barrel hallway on the right, and you'll get the following message:
Universal Translator
"Come on in, the Lava's fine!"
  • After entering in the warehouse area of Depths of Rrajigar, go through the ramp and use the fly cheat in order to go to the top of the light pole in front of it. This triggers the following message:
Universal Translator
"Craig is Grand Master Doofus."
  • There's a hidden, incomplete message at the very end of The Trench, players can't read it because they're teleported to the ISV-Kran Deck 4 level.
Universal Translator
"Corporeal Pelli Onsov: If you're reading my log entry I am probably dead and our ship has been overrun by aliens called "
  • There's an easter egg in the Nali Castle map. After freeing the Nali, riding the cable car and witnessing the Nali getting blown up by the skimmer, reach the barn. Do a dodge in the mountain and try to land on the barn's roof. Walk onto the pole, and the following message will appear on the Translator:
Universal Translator
"What the HELL are you doing up here?"

Unreal Tournament Edit

  • The ending sequence reveals that there were five Liandri Grand Tournament winners before Xan Kriegor. They're named Green Marine, Roan Terg, Magnus, Geos Dryon and Pariah. Green Marine comes from Brandon "Green Marine" Reinhart, one of the programmers.
  • The team icons are all lifted from Unreal: the Red team is the logo that appears on the Tarydium barrels, the Blue team is the logo of the UMS Vortex Rikers, the Green team is the Skaarj race, and the yellow team is the insignia of the Mercenaries.
  • Play a botmatch and use the cheat code ghost in the map CTF-Command. Now try to see the whole map from a top-down view. You'll find that it has a rather... suggestive shape.
  • The death pit of CTF-Noxion16 has a location name: "Really Dead".
  • In DM-Codex, jump from the wooden bridge to the non-connected hallway, and shoot any of the four lamps of the area, five times. It doesn't matter the order or combination. Then, descend to the lower level and follow the wooden path to the platform. A new room with a picture of Cliff Bleszinski has been revealed. Be aware, though, this room inflicts 5 damage points per second.
  • The shape of DM-Conveyor, seen in the top-down view, resembles the Gauss weapon from the Half-Life series.
  • If you rename DM-Cybrosis][ to DOM-Cybrosis][, the map will play as a Domination map, with named control points and the works. The same is also true for DM-Coagulate and DM-Hood from the console versions.
  • There are hidden UT logos in the maps DM-Mojo][ and DM-Shrapnel][. In the first map, you must find a dead-end after a hall with a platform on it. In the second map, at the Shield Belt Room, you can use a lift jump at the elevator to reach a platform opposite the Shield Belt walkway, upon which is a golden circle U medallion.
  • The female mercenaries (female members of the Blood Reavers team) have Nali crucifixes tattooed in their stomachs.

Hidden Level Entry Texts Edit

Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali Edit

  • The level Glathriel Village (Part 2) has two eggs:
    • Right after entering the level, at the center of the catacombs area, look for a button on the pillar in front of the stairs to the next area and press it. Behind you, the coffin will move and reveal a hidden chamber with the logo of the Ocrana clan and the following message:
Universal Translator
"Would you die for this?"
  • Go outside the chapel and use the fly cheat code. Use the flashlight or disable the lighting in the level, fly into the abyss in front of the wall facing the chapel, and look around searching for a scared Nali with several knives on its back.
  • Spire Valley:
    • At one of the turns in the lake, there's the elevator from the end of the level The Sunspire. Apparently, two characters at the same time tried to ride it, and it either didn't stand the weight and/or the storms at that moment.
Universal Translator
"LOG: J. Montanus: Ovrevik and I managed to ascend the large towering rock fairly easily. We suspect someone may have cleared the way. Maybe he's the one that made it off this forsaken planet."
Universal Translator
"LOG: R. Ovrevik: Montanus and I are at the top of the spire. We've located an alien shuttle of some sort that rises straight up into the clouds. It's getting rather stormy, but we're going to attempt to ride it."
  • The background of the level features The Sunspire. Coincidentally, both levels use the same track, "Hub 3".
  • There's a hidden room (accessible only with the ghost cheat code) at the Bounds of Foundry level, located near the entrance to the circular slime pit. It contains two sludge cartridges for the GES BioRifle as well as a health pack. It was, apparently, a leftover from the Unreal betas.
  • There are four eggs in the level Escape from Na Pali:
    • At the end of the last bridge near the entrance to the boss arena, take a swim into the lake and you'll find a dead cow. Approaching it will net the following Translator message. It references an inner joke at Epic Games and the mythical "Mountain Dew" mountain, of which the only proof is a photo Erik de Neve posted in the comment section of an article celebrating the 20 years of Unreal in the site Rock, Paper, Shotgun:[1]
Universal Translator
"LOG: J. Crable: After trying to trade a useless flashlight to one of the Nali natives for some food, he turned me into a cow. I've learned that I must travel to high peaks of Mon-ton Dew and meet with the high Priestess for a cure. My quest begins."
  • Descend to the lava pit in the boss arena using the fly cheat code, and approach the spikes and the small isle in the middle. Three messages will trigger:
Universal Translator
"Why me?"
Universal Translator
"No secrets for you!"
Universal Translator
"What is the point of me hanging around on this spike? What does it prove? I'm in a lot of pain here and I fail to see the humor in any of this."

Unreal II: The Awakening Edit

  • There's a hidden shooting range in the TCA Training Course level that let's you mow down Nali. Here's how you unlock it: in the obstacle course (where Raff tests your movement skills) there's a fenced in area on the right side with a few boxes in it. If you stand on top of the mantling block you can jump over theose fences. Walk into the open box to find a secret "Grant" head, the game will announce that the secret shooting range has been unlocked. Proceed to weapons training and complete all tasks. At the end of the grenade launcher tutorial don't go to Raff but walk over to the fourth shooting range on your left, which will now open. "Grant" is Grant Roberts, co-worker and friend of Worch and the voice actor of Ne'Ban.[2]
  • In the level Hell - Desolation, after the initial room, at a room with some crates, a dead scientist, two ammo pickups in front of you and a ladder to the upper level, jump at the top of the crates. Past them check among the decoration and you'll see the photo of a person being constantly projected cascade-like.
  • During the Acheron mission, jump on top of the structure surrounding the smoke pit and head towards the yellow crane and health/shield machines, and turn to watch the smoke. With a bit of luck, you'll see Abraham Lincoln.
  • In the level Severnaya Waterfront, use the Sniper Rifle and check the antennae atop of the dam. They'll have rotating Abraham Lincoln heads.

TCA Atlantis - General Edit

  • There are two hidden notes in the level. One of them says "Hi mom!" and the other "Complete list of Atlantis secrets at".
  • Go to the Armory and check the hardware at the left of Isaak. One of the pieces will show indicators such as "UNREAL 2" "KICKS ASS" ""OVER ALL" "OTHER GAMES" "SO THERE".
  • In the briefing room go to the right side of the holotank. There's a hidden button on the right side of the table, between the table side and the wall. Press it to get a Seagoat holo.[2]
  • There's a secret button in the the Armory, right next to the door. Crouch and look up at the table. If you push the button you get Isaak saying "Flashbang" and an EMP burst. This is an inside joke more than anything else, Isaak used to describe the concussion grenade as "It's basically a flashbang[...]", and Legend Entertainment got a great deal of entertainment from using that word in every possible context. The line got changed, but the voice file stayed.[2]
  • Go past Ne'Ban's cabin into the back hallway and jump into the open hatch in the corner of the hallway. If you look back towards head of the ship there's a button, press it to get a few evil Lincoln and Grant heads laughing at you. The picture of Grant originated from the Legend webpage.[2]
  • Getting behind Dalton's locker in his cabin (use the Ghost() cheat code) you can see a Seagoat license plate attached to the back of the locker.[2]
  • In all interludes starting with Obolus, the Seagoat is hiding somewhere on the ship. If you find him he will run away twice, after that you can use him to get a dialog line from Dalton.[2]

TCA Atlantis - Mission-specific Edit

  • After coming from either the Avalon preface or the TCA Training Course, talk to the hidden Seagoat before Aida gives her briefing. Go to the upper deck, past the player cabin and open the hatch opposite to Ne'Ban's cabin door. Talk to the Seagoat inside and reply with "Spam", "Spam", "Spam", "Humbug". When Aida gives her briefing you'll see Abraham Lincoln doing the distress call instead of Danny Miller. For the record, Humbug is an homage to the Ultima 6 cheat.[2]
  • After coming from the Severnaya Waterfront, when Ne'Ban does his briefing, there are 12 pictures that get displayed in rapid succession over the holotank. To see them clearly you can either cheat (Slomo(0.1)) or open the editor and check out the textures (they're in MattT.utx).[2]
  • To access the hidden U2 dance party you have to use the console or start U2 from command line. If you're in-game: open the console, enable cheats with BeMyMonkey() and enter open atlantis?missioncompleted=83. Alternatively, from the command line: start U2 with unreal2.exe atlantis?missioncompleted=83.[2]
  • Doing the same as above, but using missioncompleted=110276 instead, starts in the player's cabin and are treated to a bunch of Seagoat and Lincoln balloons. The interlude is empty otherwise. The number corresponds with Matthias Worch's birth date.[2]

Unreal Championship Edit

Unreal Championship 1 "Easter Egg" (Original Xbox)

Unreal Championship 1 "Easter Egg" (Original Xbox)

  • On the level DM-Flux2, go to the frozen exterior and look for the door near the Link Gun and the Double Damage. Look around, find two vents, and shoot them, then head for the door near the Rocket Launcher. You'll find a frozen cow.

Unreal Tournament 2003/Unreal Tournament 2004 Edit

  • There's a smiley inside of Outlaw and Garrett.
  • Mandible has an "Ejector Seat" sticker.
  • There was a feature in 2003 where the default announcer would scream the character names upon selection. This feature didn't made the cut for 2004, except for a character: Mr. Crow.
  • Some weapons and character models have inscriptions (The Redeemer's "Swallow This!") or warning stickers (Rocket Launcher).
  • Winning the ladder with Mr. Crow enables the TC-1200 for the Vehicle Arena mutator.
  • The Hellbender's license plate is changed to the consonants or full name of its owner, depending on the name's length.
  • Both Gorge and the Bio Rifle have media players.
  • In several maps such as DM-Deck17, there are screens with the following inscription:
If you're reading this
you're already dead

There is no reality. There is only this.
This time. This place. This Contest.

Be the best. Unleash your power.
Lead your team in a battle of the mind.
Win the Tournament. If you can't,
step aside for someone who will.

Keep your eyes on the prize,
and your fingers on the trigger."
  • Jakob, from the Thunder Crash team, is apparently a convict, due to the barcode on his forehead with the numbers "021136".
  • There are three posters in AS-FallenCity, "AO - Men's Hair Spray", "Stu's Club" and "Phil's Bagels".
  • The submarine from CTF-December and CTF-January appears in AS-RobotFactory at the distance during the initial area.
  • The spikes of CTF-Citadel can become shiney and polished when shooting a specific star. Shooting at them again changes their texture back.
  • At the eater current below the bridge, there's a hidden text, "1337NESS".
  • There are caution stickers across most parts of DM-Deck17.
  • The Gorge Fan from the intro of Unreal Tournament 2003 is found at a chamber in the bottom of the pit of DM-Gael.
  • There's a golden dildo in DM-Junkyard, near the 50 shield pickup.
  • There's a single spectator on the seats behind the Redeemer tower in ONS-Tricky.

Creator cameos and references Edit

  • Two unused taunts of the male mercenary/human voicepack are "You're as good as CliffyB!" and "You're worse than Mark Rein!".
  • Every once in a while, while playing the ladder, the team Epic Games, Inc. will appear in the "Other matches" tab after a match.
  • Changing the player's name to "CliffyB" causes bots to have the names of various Epic Games employees.
  • The second license plate in the middle train of the exploding truck in AS-Convoy says "B4G3L5".
    • Also from Convoy, CliffyB's name is written in the missiles. The full description is:
MER: 120KM
  • There's a hidden portrait of CliffyB in DM-Asbestos, referencing the Codex egg from UT.
  • One of the destroyed road signs in ONS-Urban reads "Bleszinski Blvd", referencing lead designer CliffyB. Another one reads "Caudle Ave", named after lead artist Shane Caudle.
  • The pictures used for the zone portals (thus only visible in UnrealEd) in DM-1on1-Trite are portraits of its creator, Paul 'Tonnberry' Fahss, and are named 'fag'.
  • Several portraits in AS-BP2-Outback reference Lord Simeon's friends and community colleagues. One picture in particular is that of the employee of the month, none other than... you guessed it... CliffyB.
  • There's an Easter Egg room in ONS-Frostbite. Bump into 25 selected trees in the map with any vehicle and, at the Central Lake, in the tower at the very east, a room will open, leading to a secret area (similar to the one in DM-Codex) where a group picture can be found. This area, however, subtracts one health point per second, and requires a wall-dodge-jump in order to reach the very end.

Hidden notes Edit

These notes can only be seen in UnrealEd or with a package tool analyzer such as UT Package Tool:

"Special Thanks: Robyn & Col McCarthy, Eddy Respondek- My family. For their eternal patience with my "Unreal" addiction, and my general procrastination. I paid off though, didn't it?. Cliff Bleszinski & Epic Games- For giving me a chance. I hope Epic Games will continue to utilize the wealth of community talent out there. Not only does it make good business sense, but it gives someone a career, which is about the best gift you can give someone. I am in your debt. The UT2004 War Room Staff - Rogelio O, Phil C, Stu F, Ben B, Nate O, Laurent D, Dave H, David S, Ron P, Jeff G, Mat O and Steve P- It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them. They are probably best group of people I have ever met. I would recommend any of them without hesitation."
Hidden note
"Made by Chris "Plutonic" Blundell and Nathan "TomWithTheWeather" Overman. Shoulders are a delicacy."
Hidden note
"ben beckwith vertex painted these terrains for me. very badly i might add. :)"
Hidden note
"Thanks to the following people for having great impact on the quality of this level through their feedback: DavidM, Tonnberry, Hourences, Cliffy Blezinski, Jim Brown, David Spalinski, and Anthony Pereira. A very special thanks for Tarah Hunt for enduring my constant obsessions with polishing this level and all the time it took from her. I love her more than she knows."
Ryan Brucks
"Special thanks to Vorlon for gave me the usage permission of some textures from his map DM-CBP2-Drakonis, and Jim Brown, Desperado, Jay harrison and Anarkist for Beta testing."
Hidden note
"met dank aan 1 of ander plaatseling bingo bejaarde lokaal waar ik foto van hun lamp em gemaakt, en dank aan de mosten recreatiewaterplaszeik waar ik paar stukke zand em gefotografeerd ffs, en alsmede ook bedankt aan stuk paarderijgrond ffs"
"ik haat dus dooi lijne, krijgt ni eens de tering tijd om uw spul af te krijge, laat staan om u zelve enige vorm van nachtrust te gunnen"
"Hey Ben from the future, shutup."
Hidden note

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Edit

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

  • The binary code on OSC's description (01100010011001010110110001101001011001010111011001100101) translates to "believe".

Unreal Tournament 4 Edit

Gallery Edit

External links and references Edit

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