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The Enforcer (known in early games as the Automag) is a handgun in the Unreal series.

Overview Edit

Unreal and Return to Na Pali Edit

"This easy to handle gun uses gun-powder-based bullets (in dual clips of 10) for ammunition. Try to keep track of how many bullets you have left in a clip: attempting to change clips with a pissed off Skaarj in your face is not advised.

Primary Fire: Traditional carriage, accurate, slow.
Secondary Fire: “Gangsta”-style sideways carriage, less accurate, much faster rate of fire."
Unreal manual

The Automag fires rounds via the use of gunpowder. The weapon shares Clips and Bullets with the Minigun. In secondary fire mode, the player character tilts the pistol sideways in a "gangsta-style" carriage to fire less accurate rounds at a faster rate.

It can shoot 20 rounds consecutively, after which it has to be reloaded. It can also be reloaded by switching to another weapon and then switching back to the Automag.

Unreal Tournament Edit

"Primary Fire: Normal firing rate.
Secondary Fire: Rapid firing rate.

This lightweight yet high-powered handgun is an accurate and potent killer at close or medium range. So easy to handle you can wield one in each hand, the Enforcer’s already-quick action can be increased by utilizing the slightly less accurate (but equally deadly) sideways-carriage firing technique."
UT manual

The Enforcer is the default weapon players spawn with, along with the Impact Hammer.

A semi-automatic pistol, the successor to the Automag from Unreal. The player can dual-wielded Enforcers if they happen to find a second one. Secondary fire tilts the Enforcer sideways in a "gangsta" style for greater rate of fire at the cost of accuracy. Even when dual-wielded, the 3rd person perspective, as during the end of a game, will show the player with only one. However, two bullet cases come out when shot.

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Edit

"Semi-automatic pistols which can fire an icy projectile to freeze opponents solid."
Human variant
"Standard enforcer pistols, which the Juggernauts can fire in uncontrolled fully automatic bursts."
Juggernaut variant
"Semi-automatic pistols, which the Necris can manipulate to fire Nanoblack projectiles to stun their opponents."
Necris variant

Default weapon of the Juggernauts. The human and Necris characters use modified versions whose alternate fire can freeze and stun their opponents respectively.

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

"For decades, the Enforcer pistol was the combat sidearm of choice. Veteran soldiers appreciated the lightweight handgun's power, accuracy, and baance. In recent years, the ever-burning desire for greater firepower led to general issue of the AR770 assault rifle. Military procurement officers were drawn to the AR770's higher cyclic rate and underslung M355 grenade launcher, but seasoned combatants missed the dependability of the Enforcer. Axon Research listened to the soldiers, and their new Enforcer MP ("Machine Pistol") model provides the best of both worlds. Side-fed magazines provide greater capacity, while balancing the shooter's aim when wielding two pistols. With a deadly accurate semi-automatic mode, and a selectable burst fire mode, the Enforcer is back, and the modern battlefield will never be the same."
Weapon description

Unreal Tournament 3 marks the first appearance of the Enforcer since UT. It is "combined" with the AR770 to have a high fire rate, but it's still small, akimbo-wieldable, and the alt-fire is replaced with a 3-round-burst fire. If you have two, then it is considerably one of the best weapons in the game, with hitscan power, high accuracy and fire rate, and decent damage to boot.

Unreal Tournament 4 Edit

"Side-fed magazines provide greater capacity, while balancing the shooter's aim when wielding two pistols. With a deadly accurate semi-automatic mode, and a selectable burst fire mode, the Enforcer is back, and the modern battlefield will never be the same."
Weapon description

Primary fire
Single shots with decreasing accuracy over time.
Alternate fire
Rapid fire bursts with less accuracy and increased cooldown time.
Tips - Dual Wield
Picking up a second Enforcer switches to Akimbo mode. Rate of fire of the weapon is doubled.

In Unreal Tournament 4, the Enforcer reappears once again, functioning the same way it did in Unreal Tournament 3.

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • The Automag is a great weapon for fighting fast enemies due to its hitscan nature, and because of its accuracy and firepower, surpassing even the Minigun. It is a good choice for taking down highly evasive enemies until you find the Rifle and the ASMD. It is better than the Dispersion Pistol for taking lower enemies because of its hitscan nature, compared to the slow projectiles of the latter weapon.

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  • The 1998 beta had the same first-person design for the Automag, but the third person one was styled to look like a pistol that was earlier seen in pre-release screenshots. The Automag perhaps had just been changed to its final form when the beta was released.
  • In Unreal Tournament 3, it is physically impossible to commit suicide with an Enforcer. Through hacking or the use of the playersonly console command, you can kill yourself, but it only says #1 Killed him/herself.

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