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The Eradicator Cannon is a stationary turret found in Unreal Tournament 3.

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The Eradicator is very similar to the SPMA, in fact the SPMA is just an Eradicator mounted on a halftrack. It's completely stationary and cannot be moved at all. The cannon is so strong that it's able to destroy a Goliath with one single well-placed shot. You can find it on VCTF-Stranded and WAR-Confrontation, which are both included in the Titan Bonus Pack, as well as on some user-made maps.

The cannon first fires a camera shell that, once it's under way, can be activated by pressing any of the fire buttons. Make sure you find a good place for the camera because placing a new camera is time-consuming. Keep in mind, that the camera can be taken down with a single hit. Also keep in mind that the camera shell is just as explosive as regular shells.

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