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FR-Loh (whose full name is Lost City of Loh) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 4 .

Map description Edit

Rally points Edit

  • [Rally Point A]:
  • [Rally Point B]:
  • ...
  • [Rally Point N]:

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Weapon Count Location

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Pickup Count Location

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  • This map was introduced in the January 18th. update with the then-named Flag Run mode.

Version changelog Edit

  • 22/2/17:
    • Significant layout changes.
    • Fixed line up positions.
    • Added weapon shields for attacker spawns.
    • Replaced Sniper with LG as default pickup.
  • 28/3/17:
    • Significant layout changes.
  • 19/4/17:
    • Updates and bug fixes.
  • 16/5/17:
    • Opening section layout changes.
    • Courtyard/Arena/Cave changes.

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