"Its name pretty much says it all. The Vulcan uses cannisters of napalm for ammo and shoots out a spray of flaming gas. Just point and shoot to incinerate a whole crowd of enemies in close quarters. Alt-Fire is a spray of unignited napalm that'll stick to any surface. You can set it off with primary fire or with one of your other weapons, but it's unstable enough that after a few seconds it'll probably ignite anyway."

The UA69 "Vulcan" Flamethrower is a weapon that appears in Unreal II: The Awakening.

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Like other flamethrowers that have been used since World War I on Earth, the Vulcan consumes fuel quickly; an operator can find themselves out of fuel after not even a minute of continuous fire. The Flamethrower is best fired in quick bursts, and the operator should be as stingy about spending fuel as possible. It uses canisters of napalm for ammunition, which, like magazines on a rifle, have to be changed every so often to keep firing.

Its primary fire uses its pilot light to ignite the fuel as it is sprayed out through the barrel, creating a stream of flaming gas.

Its secondary fire has the Vulcan switching off the pilot light, instead spraying the unignited fuel out towards the target. The fuel can be set ablaze with the right attack, however, the fuel is so unstable that after a few seconds it will ignite on its own.

The weapon is preferred by Urban Assault Units of the Terran Heavy Infantry as well as Izanagi Heavy Ghost Warriors and Heavy Liandri Angels. It uses canisters of napalm for ammo and is capable of setting enemies on fire.

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The Vulcan Flamethrower is first found by John Dalton on Hell during the Unreal 2 single player campaigns.

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  • The weapons that can ignite the napalm are:
  • The weapon is only useful in close and close-to-middle range. But it deals so much damage that it will burn anyone in seconds. Unfortunately, it uses a lot of ammo and you will need to reload very often.
  • The Flamethrower is particularly useful against the Light Araknids in the Hell mission, where it makes its first appearance in the game. This is because the Araknids have a particular weakness to fire, and the "splash damage" and area effect of the Flamethrower means it can hit multiple targets at once- quite useful when facing down large numbers of mutated spiders.

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