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The Fly is an enemy in Unreal.

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These creatures have the shape of oversized dragonflies, with the tail of a scorpion, and roam small areas of Na Pali. Natives of the planet, they are aggressive against anyone but have difficulties advancing to other locations in the presence of other flying creatures such as Mantas.

The tactics used by the Fly to attack its prey are simple. They fly towards their prey as fast as possible, (ignoring all incoming attacks), and use the sting found on their tail's tip to attack. They are slow and weak, but capable of ambushing the enemy when it least expects it. When they aren't attacking, they'll just roam their area by flying or crawling.

Flies usually appear in otherwise empty rooms, like empty Nali huts or small empty rooms in temples, and are—like the Pupae and Tentacles—more annoying than dangerous.

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  • The Fly is arguably one of the weakest foes in the game. Their buzzing sound gives them away immediately, and their low health and speed make them easy to defeat. Use the Dispersion Pistol or Automag to avoid wasting firepower.
  • Like Pupae, they are easy to deal with one at a time, but can be dangerous when found in swarms.
  • Unlike a Manta, Flies are easily killed and can be taken out with any weapon. They are also slower than Mantas, and can be more easily targeted. They do, however, have an extremely small outline when facing the player, and follow you until they kill or are killed.

Trivia Edit

  • According to their scripts and animations, Flies were supposed to have a long-ranged attack as well, shot from their tails. The idea was dropped, probably to make them less dangerous.
  • The actual name of their class is RazorFlies.

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