The Flying Snake is a creature found in Unreal II: The Awakening.

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Flying snakes are flying animals that are found on Severnaya. They are almost as big as a human and has big wings. The flying snakes have a tail that splits to two and a small tongue. Generally they look like snakes with wings and usually don't attack players, unless are shot. They can dodge, use melee and air attacks, land on the ground and jump.

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  • Leave them alone.

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  • Their actor class doesn't give anything specific though. It comes with a junior class, U2FlyingSnakeCorpse, that has a mesh of bloody Flying Snake and a comment:
"MWP (mdf) -- is this class really necessary -- can't the LDs set this up in the editor?"
- UnrealEd 3.0 U2FlyingSnakeCorpse source
  • The creature resembles the Mutalisk from the Starcraft series.

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