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Third-party mod
This article is about an officially-released third-party mod.
Only mods that have been part of official Unreal releases are allowed on this wiki. Third-party mods are not considered canon to the Unreal Universe unless an Epic Games or Digital Extremes employee (past or present) stated otherwise.

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Frag.Ops is a semi-realistic FPS total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Players can choose between two teams, Special-Ops and Mercenaries, each team has an arsenal of customizable weapons to choose from. FO takes place in a fictional near future environment, with missions located worldwide. The gameplay in this modern tactical shooter is round based with different objectives for each mission.

Key features:

  • WYSIWYG Aiming System - FO is the pioneer of the fully physical recoil system, in other words no aim-error or "conefire". This means as long as the player adjusts for recoil they will hit what is in the crosshair of the gun.
  • Medal Award System - Medals are awarded to players achieving certain goals, the medals have different rewards attached to them like cash and extra abilities. Achieving the highest marksmanship medal grants you access to the Golden Eagle a one shot kill pistol.
  • Trait System - Select from multiple RPG like traits for the player, each has its own unique pluses and minuses.
  • Action Point System - When triggered these points allow the player to run fast or can stabilize the gun scope for a limited time. The points recharge manually by resting. The amount of action points the player has depends on the current body armor type, selected trait, and medals won.
  • Customizable Weapon System - The game offers 24 unique weapons divided evenly between the two teams, except for some shared weapons. Weapons can be upgraded with different options and attachments such as scopes, silencers, different ammunition, akimbo sub-machine guns, night vision scopes, laser sites, bayonets and even poison for your machete.

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