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"The grappling hook works in a pretty straightforward manner. One press of the hook button fires the grapple, as soon as it hits a wall it will dig in and instantly start to pull you towards that point. Once you get there, hit the hook button again to be released. However, if you press the hook button a second time, before you reach the end of your cable, you will stop being pulled in, and you can now swing from the cable. When you’re done swinging, just press it a third time to be released. In addition, while you are hanging from your grappling hook, the weight of your body will cause the cable to slowly be released, and you will be lowered. Hit your ‘hook up’ key to wind cable back up, and you will be pulled back up. BTW: the blades of the hook are pretty sharp… try it on players."
Chaotic Dreams website[1]

The Grappling Hook is a starting weapon found in the mod Chaos UT for Unreal Tournament.

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