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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament 2004.

"Easily one of the most diverse weapons in current use, the Grenade Launcher can fire up to eight grenades at a time, either seeding an entire area for later detonation, or directly targeting enemies. Lined with electrostatic emitters, each grenade adheres to both enemy vehicles and infantry, the detonation of which lies completely in the hands of the weapon holder. When employed with creativity and timing, the Grenade Launcher can be a very powerful weapon."
Weapon description

The Grenade Launcher is a weapon in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Introduced in UT2004 for the Onslaught gametype, Grenade Launchers shoot out projectiles which will bounce or roll until they lose momentum or until they encounter an objective, player, or enemy vehicle. Upon encountering one of these obstacles, the grenades will stick to that object and explode when the player who shot the grenades presses Secondary Fire, or when that player dies.

One of the most effective weapons against stationary targets, and mobile as well, if wielded correctly.

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Grenades stick to vehicles and players... there are a lot of sneaky places to leave them. Remember that when you are killed, your grenades or spider-mines explode.[1]
  • If you want to covertly attack a node, load the base up with grenades and then detonate them. This does a lot of damage, and the enemy team isn't alerted until the grenades explode.[1]
  • An interesting application is to attach a grenade to a teammate (if friendly fire is off) and then have that teammate go on a suicide run into the enemy base. The exploding grenade will not hurt the teammate, but it will hurt whoever is around him/her.
  • An extension of the above tactic is to fill a vehicle with grenades then place it in a highly visible position. When an enemy spots the vehicle and commandeers it, detonate the grenades to kill him. A word of caution, though: this is a VERY dirty tactic and should not be used against human players (or prepare for heavy verbal attacks).
  • Another possible method is to fill a Manta with grenades, then jump in and go on a kamikaze run.

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Preview notes[edit | edit source]

"As players will be using armored vehicles, there are several additional weapons for this mode to combat these while on foot. (...) There are also sticky mines (an FPS classic, at least for those of us who remember the Hipnotic pack for Quake 1). We were told that Sticky Mines will not make it into deathmatch, something I for one really hope they reconsider. The reason we were given is that Epic worked very hard to get UT2k3 respect with companies like The CPL, and they don’t want to start heading towards the gimmicky style of deathmatch shown in other games. At the very least, they’ll be available as a DM mutator, allowing server operators to add them if they wish."

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