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Grok Vhul'rath was a high-ranking Krall stationed in Dasa Mountain Station who was responsible for overseeing the Skaarj logistics operations in the vicinity of Dasa Mountain Pass.

Bio Edit

Prior or during the crash of the prison ship Vortex Rikers, Grok Vhul'rath received over 45 crates of high-tech equipment from the crashed spaceship ISV-Kran, which were to be stored in the cellars before being shipped to the Warlord.

At first Grok Vhul'rath used local Nali population as a slave labor. However, later on it was decided that they were to be executed for refusing to work.

Grok Vhul'rath was not very fond of keeping Behemoths in the pass, referring to them as Aldarian pigs, because they constantly kept damaging the drawbridge that was used for shipping the cargo. This necessitated the repeated repairs to be done on the drawbridge. Bridge Foreman Khan Vhranna, his subordinate who was in charge of keeping the bridge in working order, disliked him for this reason.

During her journey on the planet, Prisoner 849 may come across his logs.

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  • The character was only mentioned in several log entries.

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None to speak of.

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