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Hell - Discovery is a map appearing in Unreal II: The Awakening .

Map description Edit

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
W: 3
A: 1
Weapon: 1x Ventilation ducts, near a corpse. 1x Control room above the main area. 1x Main access tunnel, near the last barricade.
Ammo: 1x Near the Control room weapon.
W: 1
A: 3
Weapon: 1x Platform above the fire in the main area.
Ammo: 1x Near the weapon. 1x Main access tunnel, near the last barricade. 1x Medical area.
W: 3
A: 2
Weapon: 1x Main area, near a corpse. 1x Platform above the fire in the main area. 1x Main access tunnel, near the last barricade.
Ammo: 1x Ventilation ducts, near a corpse. 1x Main access tunnel, near the last barricade.

Pickups Edit


Monsters Edit

Monster Count Location
Passive and NPCs
Main area (dead).
5x Spawning from a conduct in the main access tunnel, three at a time. 5x Spawning from a conduct in the main access tunnel, near the first turn, three at a time. 4x Spawning from above the barricade at the main access tunnel. 27x Spawning at the end of the main access tunnel.
1x Spawning from a conduct in the main access tunnel. 2x Spawning from two conducts in the main access tunnel, near the last turn. 4x Spawning from behind the barricade in the main access tunnel.

Walkthrough Edit

You start the map on a walkway above an Ops area. Something further seems to be on fire. Turn left, go past the first door and try to enter the room to your right. It's locked, and the PassCard Scanner gives you an error: "Access Denied". A short dialogue starts:

Dalton: "Dalton: Aida, can you hack through this door?"
Aida: "The schematics look like spaghetti. You'll have to figure something out on your end."

So this way is locked. Go back to the door you passed, and try to go through. It opens, and a lift appears. Go in, and it will bring you down from the walkway. Go past the desks here, they have nothing useful there (all the displays show only statics). Go near the fire, and you'll notice a few dead bodies. One of them appears to have a Flamethrower near it, take it. Be careful not to catch fire yourself!

Then turn right and go through the only door you have access to that looks the same as the one you went through to end the last level. Continue walking, and you'll eventually walk through 2 more doors that look the same, and find that the next door is blocked by fire as well. There is another door to the left, so go through it. You'll arrive at a first aid room with auto-heal beds. You'll get a new objective - "Heal the surviving patient". It's on your right. Use a button labeled "Medical Station" next to his bed to heal him. You'll get an "Objective Complete" message. The patient gets up and starts a conversation:

Jensen: "Who are you?"
Dalton: "John Dalton. TCA Marshal. Who are you?"
Jensen: "Jensen. Maintenance for Area 9."
Dalton: "Where is everybody?"
Jensen: "Dead! They're all dead!"
Dalton: "What happened?"
Jensen: "Alarms went off... they told me to barricade the door. And then there explosion. I crawled here to get fixed up, but I must've passed out."
Dalton: "Can you walk?"
Jensen: "Yeah, I think so."
Dalton: "I have to check out the rest of the facility. How can I get past the fire in the Ops area?"
Jensen: "You can go through the control room on the second floor. I know the security code. There's a lift on the other side."
Dalton: "Okay. Follow me."

You'll get a new objective "Bypass the fire through the second story Control room". Go to the other side of the room and you'll find 8 Shotgun shells. Go back through all the doors to the Ops area, and you'll briefly talk to Aida:

Dalton: "You heard the man Aida. Everyone's dead."
Aida: "I guess that explains the radio silence."
Dalton: "But what killed them?"
Aida: "I'm picking up lifeforms further in. My guess is you'll soon find out."

Go back up to the locked room. Jensen will unlock it for you:

Jensen: "I'll open the door for you."

You'll get an "Objective Complete" message, and the PassCard Scanner now says "Access Granted". In the control room, you'll find a Combat Assault Rifle and one clip for it. Go towards the window, and you'll see a flashing button, labeled "Audio Log Controls". Push it. A log will be replayed:

Announcer: "Most recent log entry - Playback."
Unknown person 1: "Help! Emergency! This is Elysium. We need military support. The experiments went bad - some of them got out and now they're everywhere. We built a blockade but we don't know how long it'll last. Please, send help!"
Unknown person 2: "They're coming through!"
Sheffield: "Let 'em come. I got something for 'em."
Unknown person 2: "Back off, Sheffield! Those containers are flammable!"
Sheffield: "Come on, you bastards! Eat flame!"
Unknown person 2: "No! Don't! *Noise*"
Announcer: "Playback complete."

Now you'll get another "Objective Complete". Now go through the other door than the one you came through, and Jensen will run to the lift. But don't follow him, instead, go to the right of the lift. You'll find a Shotgun, a Flamethrower and 8 shotgun shells. Now take out your Dispersion Pistol, back off and fire at a flammable container at the end of the platform until it explodes. Go to the place it exploded, and look at a display just below the platform. You'll see a button, labeled "Access Hatch" there, so jump on it (be careful not to fall down!) and press it. Go into the hatch that opens (again, be fast or you'll fall down!). Go left and you'll find a corpse with a Combat Assault Rifle. Further you will see a Napalm canister - ammo for the Flamethrower. Take both items. There is another hatch further in, but don't try to open it or you'll catch fire. If you go to the other side, you'll end up being in an unlit part of the pipe and you'll see another access hatch to the first aid room. Either take it or go back where you came from, then go back to the Control room. Use the lift, and you'll see Jensen waiting for you.

WARNING! Do not continue if you have a strong arachnophobia!
If you want to skip the next levels altogether, open your console (tilde key) and enter switchlevel PA-Hell or, if you want to see what happens, but not face anything, killall U2AraknidBase. If you have a slight arachnophobia, you will be all right with the god code.

Continue the level by going through the door. Jensen will look at the bodies and say:

Jensen: "Oh my god! Dogget's dead! I can't take this..."

Head through the door. Now you will hear strange noises, and Jensen says:

Jensen: "What was that?! They're in the walls! They're coming back! Look out!"

From the top right ventilation shaft two medium araknids and a steam of small ones will come, killing Jensen. Meet them with your Flamethrower or CAR. The Flamethrower is more useful against medium araknids, while CAR excels at killing the light ones because of its explosion radius.

Next up you will see another medium Araknid. Here you will be able to take advantage of the doors in the area - the concussive force of your CAR or Grenade Launcher can hold Araknids back. Continue and you will meet two more medium Araknids with support from a stream of light Araknids. Once they are finished, go get your reward of 8 shotgun shells, a Combat Assault Rifle, a Flamethrower and a napalm canister. Ready your CAR, and blast off the light Araknids that come through the door. Interestingly, if you get a direct hit, they will fly to a wall and get gibbed there. Continue, and you will be ambushed by two more medium Araknids - one from the vent in front left, another from back right. Continue with your CAR to get rid of more light Araknids. After going through a yet another door, the level ends.

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  • Some of the level designers for the maps of this level had arachnophobia, as you can't see a single Araknid when you open the maps in UnrealEd. All of the enemies are spawned, so they aren't visible in the level editor.

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