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"The reliable delivery of dismounted infantry has been a battlefield logistical issue for millennia. Vehicle factories require massive Tarydium stockpiles, and personal translocating devices quickly deplete their energy reserves on large battlefields. In response to the need for a unified transport solution, personnel can now be equipped with anti-photon Hoverboards.
The harmonic oscillation of three radiating Tarydium-fiber flywheels provides enough thrust to keep riders in their air. Specially designed coil systems draw kinetic energy from the flywheels, powering a series of ducted fans along the underside of the board to generate forward momentum. The Hoverboard's agile design and attitude-based steering system does have one major drawback: the rider is defenseless, and any damage will suually result in a fall.
Note that the board does not perform well on low friction surfaces such as water and ice, but a magnetic grapple is provided should the rider wish to tow behind larger vehicles."
- UT3 manual

The Hoverboard is a vehicle appearing in Unreal Tournament 3.

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It is a small deployable vehicle used by dismounted troops. The user can attach to another vehicle. It does not perform well under the conditions of ice and water. Due to the large amount of exposure of the hoverboard, the player is prone to be shot and fall off.

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