Hrang of the Red Hand Tribe was a Krall jailer working in the cellars below the Bluff Eversmoking monastery during the events of Unreal.

Bio Edit

Hrang logged in his log the capture of a Terran girl - Kira Argmanov. He along with other Kralls took liberties with Kira and beat her regularly, to which she responded by kicking him in the teeth.

After Kira escaped the cellars, he expressed his concern about being "de-hrangoed" (either demoted in rank or physically tortured) by his superior, captain Duk'Choroth.

He liked playing death bones and his fellow colleague - Dorro - owed him a rather large sum of money.

Physical appearance Edit

  • He was only mentioned by name in several of his logs.

Trivia Edit

  • In a log of his, he explains that he was 'kicked in the Hrangos' by Kira. In another log entry made by a local Nali, it is revealed that he was kicked in the mouth, so the actual meaning of the word is most likely 'tooth'.

Quotes Edit

None to speak of.

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