Illumination (whose full name is Illumination) is a map appearing in Unreal .

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A dramatic in-game cutscene ensues as the Skaarj Generator, destabilised by the player's intervention, consumes itself in a blinding flare of white light.

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You've disabled the generator. Now, you get to watch as the generator tears itself apart, plunging the ship into darkness. Things are going to get a lot brighter first though...

You start at the bottom of the lift. Move off straight away so that you're not crushed by falling metal, and get right to the outside of the generator area, then look back at the generator. There will be several explosions, then the generator turns into a huge ball of light and destroys itself.

When the fog clears, all that is left of the colossal generator are the bases of the ramps and a sparkling crater. Time to return to the Mothership Core. It's dark now, so it's difficult to see, but look around for the longest cluster of hanging cables on the walls. Your exit is beneath these cables - so go across to them and go back through the door within to exit the level.

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  • Go directly to the eastern door and wait for the generator to explode.

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  • Even though this map is merely a cutscene, staying in the starting area for too long is a sure way to get yourself killed by the collapsing reactor.

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  • According to Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino, technical limitations of the engine were the reason of why the Skaarj Generator exploding sequence had to be divided into two different levels (Skaarj Generator and Illumination).
"I think I frightened a lot of people with the Pupae in the Skaarj Mothership (you know those awful 4 legged spiders). I have to confess that I got scared several time in my own level.

One of the biggest advantage of the single player mode, is that you can have a progression. That's one of the main element when you design an adventure. It also allow you push the limit of the engine. For example in Unreal, you walk in this big Mothership, then you reach the Skaarj Generator and you destroy it. Then you go back to the Mothership which is unpowered. All the lights are gone, all the magnetic fields that locked the prisoners are off, all the lifts are broken.

This is not possible to do in a single Unreal level, especially the lighting part. You would have to use dynamic lights for the whole level and it would be terribly slow. So what I did is several copies of the level, one with lights, the other without light and you walk from one level to the other without noticing."
- Cédric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino[1]

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  1. Cedric Fiorentino interview @ Unreal Universe

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