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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal II: The Awakening.

"Years ago, Isaak and Aida served on a Terran Capital ship together. He was the launch officer. During a fight with the Skaarj, the ship took a series of hits. He was wounded, got trapped in his compartment, and he panicked.
A fighter crew was getting ready to launch. He opened the airlock too soon and they were sucked into space. After that, he just curled up on the floor. They had to break in to launch the other fighters. Aida calls it dereliction of duty. They beat off the Skaarj, but her friends were dead and Isaak never recovered.
He got a medical discharge and dived right into a bottle. Now he's back trying to prove himself, and he doesn't know if he has what it takes."
John Dalton

Isaak is a character in Unreal II: The Awakening.


Isaak was an engineer and weapons specialist on board the TCA Atlantis. He served as John Dalton's crew as the ship's engineer and weapons expert, responsible for briefing Dalton on his weapon loadout before each mission and keeping the ship running smoothly. A heavy smoker, he looked kind of vacant at all times, often speaking in a rundown tone, probably because of the guilt or the aftermath of the trauma from his mishap.

Once while serving as an engineer in service on a Marine capital ship, Isaak panicked during a battle with the Skaarj and opened the ship's fighter bay too soon, leading to several people being shot into space. This is one of the reasons why Aida hated his guts. Disgraced from the incident, he hit the bottle and eventually ended up in the TCA. Dalton usually returns with 'tech' souvenirs from every mission, which Isaak skillfully transforms into devastating weapons.

He always gave in-depth info about each weapon the player collected throughout the game, and he was at times, able to modify them to increase the weapon's capabilities (eg. Shock Lance and Rocket Launcher), or even make them from scratch, using the materials he received from the previous missions (e.g. Spider Gun). He also took care of the artifacts which John used to retrieve during his inter-planetary missions.

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Preview notes[]

"The ship's engineer and weapons master is Isaac, who wears the scars of his past on his grizzled sleeve. Isaac and Aida don't care for each other much - the reasons for which will be revealed as the story progresses."


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