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Izanagi Xeno Research Facility - Outside is a map appearing in Unreal II: The Awakening .

Map description Edit

Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location
W: -
A: 2
Weapon: -
Ammo: 2x Below the entrance to the base, on top of a crate.
W: -
A: 1
Weapon: -
Ammo: 1x Northwest of the map.
W: 1
A: 10(*)
Weapon: 1x Northeast area, near some bones.
Ammo: Fragmentation: 1x Near the weapon. 2x East of the base, in a small chamber.
Incendiary: 3x Near the weapon. 2x East of the base, in a small chamber.
Smoke: 1x Near the weapon. 1x East of the base, in a small chamber.
W: -
A: 3
Weapon: -
Ammo: 2x Below the entrance to the base, on top of a crate. 1x Northwest of the map.
W: -
A: 1
Weapon: -
Ammo: 1x Below the entrance to the base, on top of a crate.

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
2x Below the entrance to the base.
2x Below the entrance to the base.
1x East of the base, in a small chamber.
1x East of the base, in a small chamber.
1x East of the base, in a small chamber.

Monsters Edit

Monster Count Location
Passive and NPCs
19x Across the map. 100x Spawned at the center of the map, 25 at a time.
1x Eating a Hummer at the east area. 1x West area, laying on the floor. 2x West area, inside of a crate. 2x Center area, near the laser gateway, inside of a crate. 2x Center area, near the laser gateway, laying on the floor. 17x Spawned at the east of the map, 5 at a time. 8x Spawned northeast of the map, 4 at a time. 25x Spawned northwest of the map, 3 at a time.
2x Atop of the central forcefield gateway. 2x Atop of the northwest forcefield gateway.
2x Upper corridor to the base. 1x Upper corridor to the base [Hard/Unreal only]. 1x Upper corridor to the base [Medium/Hard/Unreal only]. 1x Upper walkway at the northwest of the map.
2x Center area, near the gateway. 3x Spawned east of the building. 1x Spawned east of the building [Hard/Unreal only]. 2x Spawned near the forcefield doors. 1x Spawned near the forcefield doors [Hard/Unreal only]. 2x Spawned below the entrance to the base. 2x Spawned center of the map, in the corridor to the base.
2x Upper corridor to the base. 1x Spawned below the entrance to the base.

Walkthrough Edit

Your next mission brings you to Na Koja Abad, "The Land of Nowhere". This is a toxic wasteland of a planet whose only intelligent native inhabitants left it long ago in search of more prosperous frontiers. An alien structure known to contain an artifact is located here and the Izanagi have set up a research facility and an excavation site around it. You must infiltrate the facility and from there find a way into the alien excavation site, where you can obtain the artifact and escape with it.

(Note that the above name is not a mistake. If you save your game shortly after beginning the mission and then go to the load menu, you'll see that, like the mission, the first segment of this level is called "Na Koja Abad".) During the first part of your mission you'll be outdoors and will come across numerous snipes. Snipes are dog-sized, blue, dagger-toothed creatures with a nasty disposition. They'll attack you on sight, albeit not very effectively (contact attacks only and very little damage). Whenever you see one, take it out with some Assault Rifle or Dispersion Pistol fire; it won't take much.

Head straight forward from where you begin until you hit a dead end, at which point you should be underneath a rock with bones and blood on the ground very nearby. Among the human remains you'll find 2 packs of Incendiary Grenades, a pack of Fragmentation Grenades, one of Smoke Grenades, and a Grenade Launcher. Grab them all and head back until you see another path to your right (what would be your left if you weren't heading backwards). Turn and begin following that path. "Scout" ahead through your Sniper Rifle's scope as you run.

Eventually you'll come across 2 enemy Ghost Warriors talking about the excavation site. Take them both out with headshots and keep moving forward. You'll soon come across an archway acting as a gate, but it is blocked by an energy barrier. Above it are 2 Drone Guns. Move closer, pressing up against the rocky terrain to your left. Eventually you should be able to take shots at the Drones without them being able to fire back. Eliminate both of them. There should be some goodies to grab here; namely a pack of Fragmentation Grenades, some Shotgun shells and a Grenade Launcher. Get them and head off to the right.

Up a hill nearby are 2 Medium Ghost Warriors who will attack you. Look out for them and lob Grenades up at them, or kill them in some other way. Then turn your attention immediately back to the road you were headed down, where a distant Light Ghost Warrior will attack. Use the boulders here for cover and snipe him or otherwise kill him. Now you should be free of enemies for the time being so turn your attention to the 2 structures up here. The one on the right is inaccessible, but the one on the left is open so head into it. Grab the Gun Drone- the only one you'll ever find outside of a "defend the base" mission- and use the health and energy rechargers if necessary. The Gun Drone is rather awkward to use offensively, and fairly unnecessary, but you may find it useful for setting up, running up to and provoking enemies, leading them back to it and then "teaming up" against them. See what you can do. Now open the fuse box on the wall and hit the control. This will deactivate the energy barrier blocking the archway a ways back.

Head back to the archway and pass through to the other side. Scout ahead with your scope again and take out 2 more Medium Ghost Warriors. Then keep going forward past a box of dead snipes (!) and continue until you receive a message that one of your objectives has been completed. You'll soon see a distant rocket streaking towards you, which should be very easy to dodge. Use your Sniper Rifle or Trigger 2 of your Rocket Launcher to take out a distant Heavy Ghost Warrior; he'll be difficult to see in the mist, but those 2 weapons can both help you out.

Keep going even further. Soon you'll be shot at by a sniper, so move erratically- zig-zag lines, perhaps- and be ready to slip behind one of the huge plant stalks for cover and then counter-snipe. Keep going and behind a boulder to your right you'll encounter 2 Medium Ghost Warriors. Wipe them out and continue until you get under the bridge that the last sniper was on.

Under the bridge are a series of crates with lots of goodies around them. Once you have them, continue further down the very linear path until you reach another archway blocked by another energy barrier. This time the switch to turn it off is right next to the gate so just hit it and proceed. As you pass on to the other side, walk backwards very slowly and look up. Above the archway there are 2 Drone Guns positioned to fire at you. Try slowly moving out until there's a line of sight between you and the Drones, popping one with an EMP Grenade or something else, then ducking back under the archway and repeating as much as is necessary until they're down. Then head towards the stream that should now be in view.

On a bridge above the stream is another Ghost Warrior sniper (the last one) that you'll need to kill with your Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher or Sniper Rifle. Then head into the big pipe in the stream and go up the ladder at the end of it to go to the next area.[1]

Quick Level Completion Edit

Difficulty Differences Edit

Tips and tricks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • You can shoot down the Hummers. Once you've done this, go and watch the corpse, and shortly a Snipe will come along and drag the insect back to its cave to eat it.[2]

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External links and references Edit

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