J. Crable is an in-joke character appearing in the last level of the Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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After having tried to trade a useless flashlight to a Nali for some food, Crable was transformed into a Nali Cow by the Nali. Crable also learned that in order to get his original body back, he must travel to highest peaks of Mon-Ton Dew and seek out the high priestess there for a cure. Having eventually failed the quest, Crable's dead body can be found near one of the bridges at the bottom of a lake surrouding the Nali fortress.

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"LOG: J. Crable: After trying to trade a useless flashlight to one of the Nali natives for some food, he turned me into a cow. I've learned that I must travel to high peaks of Mon-Ton Dew and meet with the high Priestess for a cure. My quest begins."
--Escape from Na Pali

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