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J. Montanus was a human survivor on the planet Na Pali and most likely a crew member on board the UMS Prometheus.

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Both him and R. Ovrevik made it to the top of the Sunspire tower, where they attempted to ride the Nali Sky Elevator shuttle. However, due to the stormy weather, they crashed just a kilometer or so from the place of take-off. Both bodies as well as the crashed shuttle can be found at the bottom of a lake in Spire Valley.

Montanus in his log mentioned the relative ease of their ascent of Sunspire, which he speculated might have been due to the someone clearing the way before them - alluding to the Prisoner 849, who ascended the tower before them and partially to the search team from the spaceship ISV-Kran, that crash-landed in the vicinity of the tower more than three months ago.

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  • An automag, that can be easily overlooked, is lying half-buried in a mud near his body.

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None to speak of.

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