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Jerl Liandri is a character in Unreal Tournament.

Bio Edit

He is the founder of the Liandri Mining Corporation, the company that started the Liandri Grand Tournament in 2291. Other than that, nothing is known about him.

Xan KriegorEdit

Main article: Xan Kriegor

In 2341, during the period of Unreal Tournament, a popular rumor was that Jerl Liandri fought in the Liandri Grand Tournament himself under the alias Xan Kriegor, wearing an advanced battle suit.

This rumor is false. Xan Kriegor was originally part of the Cybernetic work force on LBX-768, until he and the other cybernetics started the LBX-7683 Robot Uprising in 2283. This effectively turned them into opponents of the Liandri Mining Corporation. The cybernetics were defeated, their memories wiped, and they were entered in the Tournament to fight for the Liandri. Xan remained their undefeated champion for a long time.

Physical appearance Edit

Nothing is known about him in appearance, though there's a rumor that the Liandri officer who appears in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict could be him.

Quotes Edit

"If we can’t ensure education for our children, what will come of this world?"
AS-OceanFloor description
"We owe it to the people to ensure quality cultural events. We won't settle for less."
DOM-Sesmar description

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