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The Jump Boots are an inventory item in Unreal.

Item overview Edit

When used, this item will allow the player three enhanced jumps, allowing the player to jump much higher than normal, and while active also increases protection from fall damage.

Unreal and Return to Na Pali Edit

"Activating the boots enables you to jump much higher than normal. Once picked up, the Boots only last for a short period of time, so take advantage of them while you can."
Unreal manual

The Jump Boots are usually present when hard-to-reach places are nearby. If the boots are not used within a certain amount of time, the boots will begin draining and will eventually become useless.

Super Jump Boots Edit

There are also Super Jump Boots, an improved version of the Jump Boots, with an infinite charge, only found at The Source.

Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali features the Cloaking Device, a combination of Jump Boots and Invisibility.

Unreal Tournament Edit

"Picking up the boots enables you to jump much higher than normal. While in the air you have limited control over your flight trajectory. Once picked up, the boots last for 3 jumps, so take advantage of them while you can."
UT manual

The Boots allow the player to jump much higher than normal. Additionally, if the boots are active, players take less fall damage and can sustain higher impact speeds than usual. The boots can be used for three high jumps and automatically wear off after landing from the third jump. They respawn every 27.3 seconds.

Chaos UT Edit

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

"These boots can be used to propel the wearer to great heights. These boots only consume power when used, so they are limited to a number of jumps rather than a set period of time. They are activated by double-jumping."
UT3 manual

Unreal Tournament 4 Edit

"Tap jump twice to activate - a pair of Jump Boots has 3 charges available. Besides being extremely powerful and versatile for traversing large height differences they also protect you from falling damage."
Tutorial level

Trivia Edit

  • The Super Jump Boots are actually a modified version of the Jump Boots, as seen when opening up The Source in the editor—a pair of Jump Boots' properties have been modified, allowing for unlimited use.
  • The Boots were meant to appear at the UT2KX series, going as so far as to have a dedicated pickup model, however they didn't made the cut.
  • Unlike other instances of the item, in UT4 it's possible to jump from any height after doing the first jump.

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