The Killer Sprout is a creature found in Unreal II: The Awakening.

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Killer Sprouts are strange creatures found on Acheron. Killer sprouts have three red tendrils that can grab anyone that steps on a Killer Sprout. Then it binds the prey and slowly drains health. Killer sprouts can not be killed, but to get away from one you must shoot at it. Then the Killer Sprout will release the tendrils and let go. Without the tendrils, there is almost nothing more of the creature, only a small base. Killer sprouts only use melee and can not move.

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  • Acheron, at the underground tunnel.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Just stay away from it.
  • Lure another Guard to them.

Trivia Edit

  • They might be a part of the planet, an internal organ, but it is listed in the editor as another actor. It might a symbiotic creature as well.
  • The comments in the code reveal some technical aspects of the Killer Sprouts:
"NOTE: real (blocking) collision cylinder encompasses base only (not tentacles) and a "proxy" collision cylinder is used to detect enemies which are within reach of the tentacles.

TouchingHeight [is counted] from ground (including 2x normal collision height)
allocate a proxy collision cylinder for detecting when the tentacles are touched without blocking anything
collision proxy handles all touch/untouch notifications
Let Controller.NotifyTakeHit handle hit.

Super.PlayDying <...> [--] this is normally done in the animation controller, but this npc doesn't have one."
UnrealEd 3.0 U2KillerSprout source

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