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Kraagesh (Kraag in UC2) is a character in the Unreal series.

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Kraagesh's Unreal Tournament 2004 character card

Name: Kraagesh
Race: Skaarj

Accuracy: Meter-good-75 72
Agility: Meter-good-81,25 80
Aggresiveness: Meter-good-81,25 81
Team tactics: Meter-good-75 73
Average: 76.5

"Kraagesh, "Lord of the Krall" in the Skaarj language, is famed for his effective use of Krall in subjugating other servant races."

Kraag's Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict character card

Name: Kraag
Race: Skaarj
Age: Unknown yrs.
Weight class: Medium

Meleé: Skaarj Blades
Ranged: Skaarj Razik
Adrenaline combos:

"Kraag is the stage name of Kraagesh, which means 'Lord of the Krall' in the Skaarj language. This is an honorific title that was bestowed upon him for his effective use of the Krall in subjugating new servant races throughout the known galaxies. His participation in the tournaments is a hard-earned personal vacation that comes before another lengthy battle campaign."

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