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[[File:EliteKrall.jpg|thumb|An Elite Krall from Unreal in UT2004. ]]
An Elite Krall is a more powerful version of the standard Krall found in Unreal.
[[Category:Unreal Monsters]]
|melee=Pound: 28<br />Strike: 28<br />Spear: 38
The '''Krall Elite''' is an enemy in ''[[Unreal (video game)|Unreal]]'', ''[[Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali]]'', ''[[Unreal Tournament 2003]]'', and ''[[Unreal Tournament 2004]]''.
== Overview ==
The Krall Elite is a more powerful version of the standard [[Krall (enemy)|Krall]]. They can be distinguished from the other Krall by their blue markings instead of red markings. The Elites are stronger fighters and are better at dodging enemy fire. They are equipped with more powerful concussion staffs and can use their staffs to knock the player back. Much like the standard Krall, after losing their legs in combat, the Krall Elite will crawl towards their enemy on their hands while still firing energy bolts.
In ''[[Unreal Tournament 2003]]'' and ''[[Unreal Tournament 2004|2004]]'', the Krall Elite appears as an enemy in the [[Invasion]] gametype, looking identical to their original ''Unreal'' counterparts.
== Appearances ==
* ''[[Unreal (video game)|Unreal]]''
** [[Na Pali Haven]] - 5
** [[Bluff Eversmoking]] - 1
** [[Dasa Mountain Pass]] - 1
** [[Cellars at Dasa Pass]] - 2
* ''[[Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali]]''
** [[The Eldora Well]] - 1
** [[Glathriel Village (Part 2)]] - 1
** [[Nagomi Passage (Dawn)]] - 2
** [[Escape from Na Pali]] - 5
* ''[[Unreal Tournament 2003]]''/''[[Unreal Tournament 2004|2004]]''
** In the [[Invasion]] gametype.
== Gallery ==
<gallery widths=200 perrow="3">
EliteKrall.jpg|A Krall Elite, pictured in ''[[Unreal Tournament 2004|UT2004]]''
== Trivia ==
== External links and references ==
== See also ==
* [[Krall (enemy)]]
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