Kruun was a Nali and one of a trio of brothers incarcerated in the dungeons below the Bluff Eversmoking monastery.

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Kruun and his two brothers (Kriin being one of them) were imprisoned in a dungeon beneath the monastery of Bluff Eversmoking due to unknown reasons. After spending some time in prison, Kruun managed to escape through a water tunnel beneath the staircase with the help from his brothers. Jaara, another Nali was sacrificed for his escape. After that, he had seemingly spent several months hiding in a secret compartment beneath the inner courtyard monastery well. He used the water tunnels to sneak into the monastery courtyard on several occasions and observed as the Krall and Skaarj forces continue to transport stolen tarydium and mechanical equipment through the monastery. In order not to forget the correct path, he marked the tunnel that leads to the monastery with a cross. On one occasion, he again snuck out his hiding place and swam to the prison, where he observed Kira Argmanov, a crew member of ISV-Kran, a Human spaceship that crashed-landed on the planet, was being brought into a cell. When he learned that she was scheduled for execution, he decided to help her escape through a secret tunnel. Although Kira eventually managed to escape, she later died in the bell tower next to the bluff. By the time Prisoner 849 reached the bluff, Kruun was already dead, lying in one of tunnels closest to his hiding place.

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