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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament. The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament 2003. The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament 2004.

"Similar to DeathMatch, except each player gets a predetermined number of lives per game. This number can be changed by entering a different frag limit. Once they’ve been killed that number of times, they are out of the game until a new game begins and must watch the other players as they take each other out."
UT manual

Last Man Standing is a gametype found in Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004.


In every incarnation of the mode, players spawn with all of the weapons and start with a set amount of lives. The objective is to deplete the enemy players' lives while preventing the own lives to be taken. Each time a player is fragged, their lives count is reduced by 1. When a player loses all of their lives, they are eliminated and have to spend the rest of the match as a spectator.


There are no scores, only respawns left. A time limit can be imposed. The last player remaining, or the player with the most respawns remaining when time expires, is declared the winner.


Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament
Epic Bonus Pack maps: 
Inoxx Pack maps: 
Bonus Pack 4 maps: 
Chaos UT maps:
Beta 4 Mappack: 
GOTY Mappack: 
Console exclusives: 
Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 2003
Epic Bonus Pack maps: 
DE Bonus Pack maps: 
Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 2004
DM-1on1-AlbatrossDM-CorrugationDM-Curse4DM-Deck17DM-DesertIsleDM-1on1-DesolationDM-GestaltDM-GoliathDM-HyperBlast2DM-1on1-IdomaDM-1on1-IrondustDM-Antalus (UT200X map)DM-Asbestos (UT200X map)DM-Compressed (UT200X map)DM-1on1-CrashDM-Flux2 (UT200X map)DM-Gael (UT200X map)DM-DE-GrendelKeepDM-IcetombDM-Inferno (UT200X map)DM-InjectorDM-Insidious (UT200X map)DM-IronDeityDM-DE-IronicDM-JunkyardDM-LeviathanDM-MetallurgyDM-1on1-MixerDM-Morpheus3DM-OceanicDM-DE-Osiris2DM-Phobos2DM-PlungeDM-RankinDM-1on1-RoughineryDM-RrajigarDM-RustatoriumDM-1on1-SerpentineDM-1on1-SpiritDM-1on1-SquaderDM-SulphurDM-TokaraForestDM-TrainingDayDM-1on1-TriteDM-Forbidden
Mega Pack maps: 

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  • The UT incarnation of the gametype lacked a time limit in versions prior to the v425 patch.
  • The gametype is available in UT2003 only by installing the Epic Bonus Pack.


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