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"The Liandri Corporation is a Heavy Industrial and Mining Combine with installations on dozens of planets. They defend their interests with an army of genetically engineered female warriors who have been raised since birth to be fighters. The Liandri Angels are cold, dispassionate, and highly efficient - they're among the elite of industrial mercenary forces."
John Dalton

The Liandri Mining Corporation is a conglomerate in the Unreal series.

Overview Edit

The Liandri Mining Corporation is a very large mining company.

They brought the Tournaments in to the mainstream in 2291 when consensual murder was legalized. They did this by tri-casting the tournaments. The first champion of these tournaments is Xan Kriegor who led Liandri's sponsored team - The Corrupt during a long time. He was later replaced by Matrix.

Liandri also created its own combatants for its tournament in Unreal Championship 2 (Devastation, Raptor and Syzygy).

Involvement in the games Edit

The Liandri play a major role in almost every Unreal game.

Unreal TournamentEdit

Main article: Liandri Grand Tournament

In UT and UT2004, they made the Tournament and manufacture large amounts of teams, such as The Corrupt.

Jerl Liandri is only mentioned in this game.

Unreal 2Edit

Main article: Liandri Angels

In Unreal II: The Awakening, Liandri is seeking the power of the artifacts, which pits them in open warfare against the TCA. It's revealed that they have their own mercenaries, known as Liandri Angels, who attack the TCA crew in the Waterfront and Repair missions. Liandri's mining operations, as well as the Liandri Angels, are involved as an almost invariably hostile force in Unreal 2.


Main article: Liandri Grand Tournament
Main article: LBX-7683 Robot Uprising

The Liandri once again organizes the Tournament, and their sponsored team, The Corrupt makes a comeback as one of the three teams to face in the finals.

Several of Unreal Tournament 2004's Assault maps are based on past events involving the Liandri:

Unreal Championship 2Edit

Liandri commercialized the Nakhti's traditional emperor-choosing ritual, re-engineering it and covering it in the style of the main Tournament (referred to in UC2 as the Liandri Grand Tournament). Their arrival and politic has various effects on Nakhti society and the characters in the game.

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

In UT3 they play a larger role. Their robots are the main enemies for Chapter 3 of the Campaign, and the leader of their team is Matrix.


Liandri-Built ArenasEdit

Liandri-Converted ArenasEdit

Liandri-Purchased ArenasEdit

Combatants Edit

Main article: The Corrupt

  • Cyclops
  • Vector
  • Silicon
  • Tensor
  • Function

  • Axon
  • Virus
  • Aspect
  • Nova

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