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The Light Drakk is a monster from Unreal II: The Awakening.

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They are small and fast creatures that use their tentacles to grab the prey and electrify them. They tend to float around and dodge a lot. These are the weakest kind of Drakk in Unreal II, besides the Drakk Droid. Unlike the workers of the Drakk, they are capable of attack, though not as formidable as their more sophisticated and bigger cousins.

Light Drakk are seen on both Na Koja Abad and NC962VII, though on Na Koja Abad they are the primary opponents.

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"Light Drakk are fairly easy to deal with. They move at a moderate speed and have no ranged attack. They inflict damage by zapping you with an electrical charge emitted from their tentacles, which extend when they get close to you. If you destroy from long range (and leave plenty of room behind you to back away if they get close), Light Drakk aren't much of a threat."
Unreal II Prima Official Strategy Guide
  • Hitscan weapons are recommended against them. Their electrical attack is not too dangerous though and they shouldn't be much of a threat - more a creature that eats a lot of your ammo.

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