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"LinkGun beam heals team-mates."
Mutator description

LinkGun Medic is a mutator appearing in Unreal Championship.

Overview Edit

"Link Gun Medic adds a whole new layer of strategy to teamplay games. Once your team learns how to heal each other on the fly, they’ll never want to go back to the old way of doing things."
UC Prima Official Guide

The mutator modifies the Link Gun by adding healing capabilities to it. By using the alternate fire on a teammate, you can heal and empower them.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • The best tactic with this mutator is to take turns being "point" position. It increases efficiency.[1]
  • If more than one player is using the link gun, it's free healing.[1]
  • When you fight, be sure the person with the most shield/life is NOT the attacker. During the few seconds between a fight, you should heal your partner (they should QUIT linking with you AFTER they have already healed you).[1]
  • A nigh unstoppable tactic: Person in link's attack position berserks, person at END of link gun chain regenerates. If there is someone in the middle (3 or more link gunners together) they are being healed anyway and don't need it.[1]

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