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M. Poesch was a human survivor on Na Pali and most likely a crew member on board the UMS Prometheus.

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Poesch, Leiby and Verdu formed a small group and set out to scout the Na Pali countryside. Whereas Verdu was lost and died inside Velora Temple, both Leiby and Poesch made it outside, with Poesch making it as far as the entrance to the Foundry facility. He noticed that the gate to the Foundry is controlled by a large Behemoth patrolling the bridge leading up to the facility. He decided to wait for the brute to leave the facility and shoot it with his automag, having prepared two clips for the task. He was most likely killed by the aforementioned Behemoth. His body can be found near the bridge next to a crate.

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  • An automag and two clips of ammunition are lying on the ground next to his body.

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None to speak of.

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