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M. Tetreault was a human survivor on Na Pali and most likely a crew member on board the UMS Prometheus.

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Tetreault alongside a fellow survivor D. Beck made their way as far as Nali fortress nestled within mountains, where they found a Terran shuttle docked inside. However, the access to the shuttle was blocked off by a locked gate, which had to be raised by a level found within a nearby tower. Beck stood by the gate while Tetreault set out for the tower. On his way there, he spotted a Skaarj and tried to engage him in combat, an act that lead to his demise, just several tens of meters short of reaching the tower. Tetreault's decapacitated body can be found within a hallway deeper within the fortress.

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  • A minigun can be found next to his body.

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None to speak of.

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