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"This special botmatch pits players against Space Marines, who are much more deadly than normal bots."
Unreal manual

Marine Match is a gametype exclusive of Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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Marine match uses the same rules as a normal Unreal Bot match, except now you are fighting against a group of Marines instead of Unreal Bots. The Marines will fight as a team against any human players.

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Deathmatch maps for Unreal
Fusion Mappack: DM-CybrosisDM-LettingDM-LoxiDM-MojoDM-ShrapnelDM-Twilight
Division Mappack: DmBayCDmCreekDmDespairDmEclipseDmKrazyDmLockeDmMorbfanzaDmScruularDmSplashDmVilla

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