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"There may be a humanoid beneath all of that circuitry, but the only way to find out is to blast your way through it."
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The Mercenary is an enemy appearing in Unreal and Return to Na Pali.

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They are sentient beings which are mostly found in technologically advanced areas and factories. They first appear in Terraniux. They are 6 feet tall on average and weigh 250 lbs. Prisoner 849 encountered them for the first time inside the Terraniux, a ship of the mercenaries which crash landed on the planet near Harobed Village. Some of them were captured by the Skaarj and brought inside the Mothership Lab.

It is possible that mercenaries compete with the Skaarj empire in their quest to extract tarydium on Na Pali. What they have in common is their disdain for the Nali - the natives from the Noork's Elbow village were found slaughtered by the mercenary forces.

Mercenary soldiers are the most common of the Mercenary ranks. They wear brown armor, have purplish-lavender eyes (although it is possible that the lavender color is due to goggles) and have a machine gun/missile launcher mounted on their fore-arms. They are usually found talking in groups in/around the Terraniux and UMS Prometheus ships.

Mercenaries are equipped with a small machine gun (which fires a few shots in rapid sequence) and a small rocket launcher. They can also activate a temporary shield which protects their whole body from any damage, much like the Shield Belt.

As with most creatures, some Mercenaries are stronger than others. The main difference is the time needed to charge their shields. However, in The Darkening (inside the Skaarj Mothership, after Prisoner 849 destroyed the ship's main power source), 2 exceptionally strong Mercenaries appear (one Elite mercenary, and one regular) in one of the ship's rooms. The health of the regular one is 320 and the Elite's health is 390, and they can be distinguished from normal Mercenaries by their taller and more muscular appearance.

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  • Occasionally, some regular members will be able to fire through their shield, as well, so always be on your guard.
  • Attacking with projectile weapons seems to increase the likelihood of a Mercenary activating its temporary shield, so stick to instant-hit weapons like the ASMD or Automag.
  • The rockets are the most dangerous, but also the easiest to dodge. Try to avoid those while keeping the Mercenary under fire and it should go down without any problems.

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