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If you're looking for the Digital Extremes developer, you might want to check Mike Leatham.

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Mikail Leatham was the captain of the ISV-Kran, an Inuit Corporation spaceship that crash-landed on the planet of Na Pali roughly three months before the events of Unreal.

Bio[edit | edit source]

After the ship crash-landed on the planet, it was set upon by a Skaarj invading force. Although the Kran crew members were initially successful at fending off the invaders and killing at least 20 of them, their ammunition soon began to dwindle. Having been forced to retreat to Science and Research Lab with the rest of the survivors, Leatham realized that there is no way to kill off the Skaarj, so he ordered a makeshift 85,000 volt electrical barrier to be set up around the lab. The barrier was still in place when Prisoner 849 reached the Deck 1 of the crashed ship.

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