"Deriving technology from Izanagi Corporation's Micro-spy military line, the minelayer is a deadly combination of cutting-edge high explosives, A.I., and robotics. Carrying thermite encased within it’s fragmenting Duranium shell these drones will sit quietly until a vehicle is within range, then charge and detonate on contact. If an on-foot enemy is within range, the mines will chase them down and leap onto them, detonating. Alt-fire activates a guidance laser from the Minelayer itself, causing all launched drones to flock toward the painted point. Although each clip can only hold four drones, the minelayer is deadly for both infantry and vehicles alike."
- Weapon description

The Mine Layer is a weapon from Unreal Tournament 2004.

Overview Edit

The Mine layer is a spidermine deploying weapon. It occupies weapon slot 3 together with the Bio Rifle, which is usually not found in Onslaught maps.

The primary fire launches Spider Mines onto the ground. The Mine Layer is able to control up to eight mines at the same time and will stop firing when this limit is reached. New spider mines can be layed when at least one of the existing mines is destroyed. Every player can have 8 mines in play at a time. If they launch another mine, the oldest mine explodes harmlessly.

The secondary fire is a laser that allows you to "herd" your spider mines into strategic positions.

If a player dies while some of their Spider Mines are deployed, then all Mines will explode harmlessly, and if a teammate is nearby and were to die from the Spider Mine, then it will count as a suicide.

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  • The gun is designed to assist in playing defensively on Onslaught maps.

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