The Mukhogg is a creature from Unreal II: The Awakening.

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The Mukhogg is a huge boar-like creature native to the frozen wasteland of planet Hell. It is a big bull-like animal that looks scary, but isn't tough, though. It has four big bloody fangs and a long tongue. Mukhoggs walk on four legs and have a small tail. They have wide backs, almost suitable for carrying things. Their skin is blue, white and black. They are often found near Paratas. The creatures charge, trying to hit the enemy with their long fangs.

Appearances Edit

It is found outside of the Research Complex on the planet, and was brought by the Axon Research Corporation for testing purposes. One Mukhogg is guarding the entrance to the facility. There aren't many Mukhoggs in the Hell level, but you get to watch the process of mutating a Mukhogg into a huge Mukhogg.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Almost any gun can take it down, even the Dispersion Pistol, provided you strafe well. However, the smaller ones are a bit faster, making it harder for the Dispersion Pistol or even a Shock Lance to make a clean shot.

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  • A few statues of Mukhoggs are featured in the XMP map XMP-Alcazar.
  • In UnrealEd, Mukhoggs are called MiniMukhoggs and the giant Mukhoggs are simply called Mukhoggs.

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