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Prologue Edit

John Dalton lands his small craft on a platform amidst towering, eerie-looking alien structures. Ne'Ban and Aida are astounded by the high radiation levels and unusual and extreme sensor readings, and advise John to proceed with caution. John loses radio contact with them soon after landing.

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Trivia Edit

  • NC962VIII features the only planet with no actual name. The name of the mission refers to the designation given to it by the TCA upon discovering it and identifying it as the homeworld of the Drakk, a race of sentient, insect-like machines that exterminated their biological creators. It is unknown what the Drakk call it.

Preview notes Edit

"Another level we saw was set in a world covered with alien technology. The surfaces were covered with ornate metallic surfaces reminiscent of Aliens. Here, the player encounters a mechanical alien creature, the Drakk, which packs lasers that track the player and can be repaired by drones. Such encounters underline another of the game's technical strengths: dynamic music. The audio developers use DirectMusic to match the intensity of the audio to the action on the screen. Between encounters the music fades, so players don't have to hear a blaring soundtrack in the game's calmer moments."
- Gamespot[1]
"The third level we saw was set on the planet of a mechanized race called the Drakk. You don't know much about them... only that you should fear them. The level started off with an extended cinematic of the ship approching the planet, colored in lots of glowing blues and greens. This was the first level we saw that sported alien weaponry, and also featured enemy bots that could actually be repaired by smaller bots if you weren't careful."
- Gamespy[2]
"The meat and potatoes of Unreal's opposition lies in its dynamic alien races. Mind you these are not just your typical, run of the mill alien races either. Each one has truly inventive strengths, weaknesses and forms of attacks. For instance one mechanical race utilizes shielded drones to raise their fallen soldiers from the dead. You must take out the drones as well of the soldiers, unless you want to take on a perpetually regenerating alien army."
- IGN[3]

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